Technology and Patient Care

Compelling Mission, Native Content, and Word of Mouth Drive Medstro To #3 Spot on Rankings of Physician Social Networks

Pressures abound in healthcare, and for some young physicians, change can’t come soon enough. “I experienced the pains a lot of people are expressing with the healthcare system in terms of the inefficiencies, care delivery, time with patients, what it means to have the patient-physician relationship, and administrative burdens now as compared to 10 years Read More

Learn How Kaiser Permanente Achieved a 69% Patient Portal Adoption Rate

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Patient retention is one of the many things healthcare marketers need to stay on top of. Can your patient portal help you retain patients? Kaiser Permanente thinks so. “A 2012 Kaiser Permanente study published in the American Journal of Managed Care found that patients with online access to their patient information were 2.6 times more Read More

Kaiser Permanente, With 4.8 Million Portal Users, Says All Healthcare Systems Should Strive to Provide Easy and Convenient Care

In a recent article, we presented a recap of the HIMSS15 Patient Engagement Symposium. One of the presentations during the daylong symposium got our attention and we wanted to take a closer look. Judy Derman, Director of Member Engagement at Kaiser Permanente, shared impressive statistics on Kaiser’s portal, and how patients and providers are using Read More

Conversa Health’s Clinical Response Marketing Concept Recognizes that Clinicians Need Marketers for Patient Communications to be Effective

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Wanted: Clinical Response Marketer. “This individual should have a strong grasp of consumer-friendly communications, be proficient in digital media including social media, and have the ability to lead the testing of different data collection and messaging approaches to find those that are most effective.” This is an excerpt from an actual job description posted by Read More

The Emergence of “Clinical Response Marketing”

Conversa Health Logo - eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Seasoned tech entrepreneurs Dr. Philip Marshall and West Shell III founded Conversa Health, headquartered in San Francisco, in 2013. Conversa’s platform delivers automated digital checkups, helping physicians manage relationships with patients between office visits. A Shared Vision Early in 2014, Marshall and Shell met with Dr. Danny Sands, a leading figure in patient engagement, to Read More

“Patients Are the Most Underutilized Resource in Healthcare”—Patient Engagement Leaders Address the Current Challenges and the Road Ahead at HIMSS15 Symposium

eHealthcare Pulse The HIMSS15 Patient Engagement Symposium, one of 10 all-day pre-conference sessions, featured an impressive—and passionate—lineup of leaders representing government, providers, technology innovators, patients, and caregivers. #givememydamndata The central theme of the symposium, stressed throughout the day, was that patients need access to their clinical records to actively participate in their own care. But Read More

Patient-Controlled EHRs: A Balancing Act between Privacy and Patient Safety

The cornerstones of healthcare transformation are patient engagement and coordinated care, facilitated by electronic health records (EHRs) that offer a comprehensive and shared view of patients. But who controls the information contained in EHRs—patients or providers? Patient privacy advocates believe patients should have control over who can access their EHRs, using the principles of Fair Read More

What Can Healthcare Marketers Do To Make Patient Portals More Compelling?

Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist at White Rhino

Ask the Expert with Shawn Gross PwC’s healthcare group recently commented, “As patients behave more like consumers, healthcare organizations need to deliver a higher level of personalized service, satisfaction and overall experience—or risk losing business to the competition.” If you’re a healthcare marketer driven to deliver the best possible patient experience, wouldn’t you love to Read More

Share Clinical Notes With Patients or Else

Patient engagement is the Holy Grail of healthcare. The theory is if patients take an active role in managing and maintaining their health, they will reap the benefits, staying healthier, spending less, and costing the system less. One way to get and keep patients engaged is through patient portals. But how do you get them Read More

Video Remote Interpreting Translates to Lower Costs and Improved Efficiency

Lisa Ellis

By Lisa D. Ellis The latest technological approaches are helping healthcare facilities do their job better—and more efficiently—than ever before, right down to the very last detail. In fact, that’s where Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) comes in, offering on-demand video interpretation services to facilitate accurate communication for patients who are hearing impaired or have language Read More

Using Technology to Enhance Patient Care and Improve Efficiencies

by Brian O’Neill Healthcare providers and payers have intrinsically known for years the importance of effective communication to high-quality care. But, truth be told, the system hasn’t always worked as well as it should. Primary care physicians have their challenges in communicating with specialists (including hospitalists). Physicians and nurses don’t always talk to each other Read More

Leveraging Web-Based Solutions in Surgical Training and Patient Care

by Lisa D. Ellis In today’s fastpaced healthcare environment, two innovative hospitals are finding new and exciting ways to leverage web-based technologies—both to strengthen their own internal strategies and also as vehicles to share research, training, and lessons learned within the broader medical community. Nicholson Center’s commitment to education The Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Read More

Entrepreneurship Unleashed: Incubators Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

by Jane Weber Brubaker When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in March 2010, it simultaneously ignited a firestorm of disruptions to established but unsustainable care delivery and reimbursement models and opened abundant opportunities for healthcare innovators. A new generation of digital health entrepreneurs has emerged to meet the challenges of healthcare Read More

Electronic Health Records Now Benefitting Even Smaller Practices

by Brian O’Neill With healthcare reform bringing millions of newly insured patients into a system that already sees shortages in primary care physicians and select specialties, the industry is being pressured to become ever smarter about how providers, insurers, and patients themselves communicate and interact. Fortunately, affordable electronic communication tools are available today that support Read More

Did You Get the Msg About Healthcare, Texting, and HIPAA Compliance?

by Jennifer Busick Here’s the problem: You need a way to get critical healthcare information about a patient to a healthcare professional—or a group of healthcare professionals. Maybe a nurse needs to know that vital test results are ready. Perhaps an emergency room physician needs a neurosurgery consult. Or, perhaps the need is as simple Read More