Banner Ads in the Age of Ad-Blocking

January 15, 2020

// By Althea Fung //

Althea FungDigital advertising has always been and will always be a moving target, as the online audience matures and platforms become more sophisticated. To win in this environment, it’s essential to keep pace with emerging trends and adapt accordingly.

Atop the building next to my apartment is a billboard that reads: “Try To Skip This Ad.” The Lamar Advertising sign is hitting on a growing issue in the digital advertising space. People are avoiding digital display ads — many are blocking advertisements outright.

According to a Deloitte Global survey, more than three-quarters of North Americans use at least one form of ad-blocking. The survey found that 31 percent of Americans use ad-blocking software on their desktop computers, and 20 percent say they use a mobile ad-blocker.

Marc Reifenrath, co-founder and president of Spinutech

Marc Reifenrath, co-founder and president of Spinutech

With a significant number of people using ad-blocking tools, marketers face an important challenge: how to engage consumers who may be intent on avoiding marketing messages.

“Ad-blocking has been around for years,” says Marc Reifenrath, co-founder and president of Spinutech, a digital marketing agency in the Midwest. “With the recent concerns from the public regarding data privacy and regulations, it’s starting to resurface.”

How do you make sure your target audience sees your advertising messages in spite of this trend?

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