Best Rich Media: Who Won, and Why?


Find out how top healthcare organizations use rich media to attract and engage patients, and how interactive experiences can meet critical training needs. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Each year, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognizes excellence in healthcare digital marketing. The 2023 awards ceremony was held in November at HCIC in Los Angeles, and Read More

Where Does CRM Stand in Addressing Today’s Healthcare Challenges?

Bob Cummings

The high cost and amount of churn in the healthcare CRM market have had many marketing leaders wondering if the huge investment they made was worth it. And those who still shop for the right solution wonder where to turn. But the need for flexible solutions that meet organizational needs has never been greater, as Read More

Set Your Healthcare Marketing Up for Success in 2024


2023 was a tough year for healthcare marketers. Budgets were cut, priorities slid in a dozen different directions at once, and tools we’ve used for decades became poisoned chalices locked behind glass by our Security and Compliance teams. 2024 looks like it is going to be a year of recovery: healthier margins, more favorable patient Read More

Privacy-First: How to Ensure Your Healthcare Marketing Aligns with HIPAA

Your Presenters:

  • Ray Mina, Head of Marketing, Freshpaint
  • Doriann Cain, Partner, Faegre Drinker
  • Bridget O’Connor, COO, Fortalice Solutions
  • Edward Rafalski, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, BayCare Health System

You’ll learn:

  • What it means to be privacy-first.
  • Who needs to be involved in process change.
  • How to have constructive conversations with legal and compliance.
  • Why web trackers don’t comply with HIPAA.
  • Which tools you need a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for.
  • What to do if you can’t get a BAA.

And much much more!

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Healthcare Personalization Guide

Healthcare Personalization Guide

Unlock the Power of Healthcare Personalization While Respecting Patient Privacy

You’ll learn:  

  • Do’s and don’ts for personalizing digital health experiences
  • How to balance personalization and patient privacy under current regulations
  • Expert insights from Phase2’s data privacy and digital experience specialists
  • And much more!

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Two Easy Things Healthcare Marketers Can Do to Start 2024 with a Bang

This is the perfect time to turbocharge your marketing efforts, demonstrate success, and give your patients the best possible digital experience. // By Marc Needham // 2023 was a tough year for healthcare marketers. Budgets were cut, priorities slid in a dozen different directions at once, and tools we’ve used for decades became poisoned chalices Read More

Lehigh Valley Health Network Leverages Digital Tools to Enhance Organizational Culture


In today’s healthcare environment, enhancing organizational culture has never been more important or challenging. It requires dedicated focus and the need for marketers to adapt to more diverse employee, leader, and physician communication needs. How do you build and maintain a strong organizational culture in a rapidly growing health system? That’s the challenge Lehigh Valley Read More

Practical Applications of AI in Healthcare Marketing: Elevating Patient & Employee Engagement and ROI

(Speakers Square) Practical Applications of AI in Healthcare Marketing

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and strategists

Your Presenters:

  • Jenny Collopy, VP, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, The Christ Hospital Health Network
  • John Elder, Co-Founder and CEO, Supernatural
  • Mike Barrett, Co-Founder and CSO, Supernatural
  • Bianca Chaer, Strategist, Supernatural

You’ll learn:

  • An overview of the general AI landscape: different types of AI, how they are used, and presenters’ point of view on the use of these tools.
  • How to do more than just “Use ChatGPT”
  • The current landscape of AI in healthcare marketing, specifically how more relevant content can help improve marketing outcomes.
  • Where AI is making an impact for people in their day-to-day workflow, right now.
  • How AI can help understand and address the needs of different populations effectively.
  • How AI can customize content to live across multiple platforms for a variety of different audiences.
  • How AI can help optimize healthcare marketing campaigns — specifically:
    • How AI can help you understand the competitive environment
    • How you can use AI to make content
    • How you can use AI to evaluate that content
    • How you can use AI for channel strategy and media planning

And much much more!

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Everything You Wanted to Know About AI and Healthcare Marketing

montano-cohen ft webinar

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and strategists

Your Presenters:

  • Rachelle Montano, Vice President of Clinical Strategy, Loyal
  • Matt Cohen, Director of AI, Loyal

You’ll learn:

  • About different types of AI technologies and their real use cases.
  • How to evaluate AI-based solutions for your organization and get past the hype.
  • Concrete ways that AI technologies are enhancing marketing today.
  • Where the biggest risks lurk for healthcare marketers and when you need to proceed with caution.
  • How to safely test the waters before diving in … so you can avoid the dangers posed by being left behind.
  • What the future holds.

And much more!

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Overcoming Your Digital Challenges With Effective Change Management


How is it possible that a health system operating in four U.S. states and three countries in Central and South America with 50,000 employees would be invisible to search engines — unless you searched on it by name? Take cardiology for example. CHRISTUS Health has a 100-bed heart hospital in Tyler, Texas. It is the Read More

A Recipe for Success: Leveraging Market Research Insights to Support Patients


On a journey to “future proof” its marketing, Fresenius Kidney Care started in the most unlikely of places: recipes. As with any chronic illness, diet dramatically affects a patient’s success. But a kidney disease-friendly diet has more restrictions and requirements than most. One in seven U.S. adults have kidney disease, and one in three don’t Read More

Finding The Perfect Match: Building a Provider Finder That Delivers Results

finding perfect match 2

Download this new free case study to learn how Scripps Health took its provider search from good to great.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Scripps Health felt that a custom solution would help them put patients’ needs first
  • The key elements of a great provider search experience
  • How to integrate marketing and referral campaigns into the care search experience
  • How data from scheduled appointments can influence strategic decisionmaking — and why this makes the ability to share this data crucially important
  • And much more!

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How Your Health System Website Can Be Your Best Digital Salesperson


Against a backdrop of rapidly emerging digital marketing tools, the venerable website deserves as much attention as ever. Your website should be your best salesperson. It’s often the first point of contact with your company’s products and services for the majority of potential customers. Anything from a Google search to a radio ad or a Read More

How Beacon Health System Leverages Content to Drive Online Appointments


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Relationships are everything when it comes to data. Defining those relationships is what humans do best; scaling is what machines do best. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: Content is king. But content on its own — even expert, authoritative, and trustworthy content — Read More

4 Ways to Improve the Digital Experience for Black and Minority People

Althea Fung

Althea Fung learned an important lesson about her healthcare needs during a dermatologist visit as a young adult. During a discussion about dry skin, the dermatologist asked Fung, who is Black and wears dreadlocks, about her hair care routine. She responded that she washes her hair about every three weeks. After years of experience maintaining Read More

What Drives Success for Today’s Healthcare Digital Teams?

Margo Schneider

As digital teams take on more and more strategic responsibilities, leaders step forward to complement staff they have in place by recruiting additional talent and collaborating closely with strategy, information systems, and clinical operations to help achieve success and establish more rigorous leadership development. Three panelists presented on the digital teams of the future at Read More

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