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Your Digital Front Door – Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Your Digital Front Door – Meeting Consumers Where They Are

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.


  • Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

After this webinar, attendees will be able to answer critical questions, including:

  • What are consumers’ preferred ways to engage with health organizations throughout their journey?
  • How are consumers researching health conditions (and what information your health system needs to be delivering)?
  • How has patient loyalty changed and what are the most important factors as patients are making healthcare choices for every healthcare encounter?
  • What are consumers’ perspectives on personalized digital experiences in an era of greater awareness of the threats to data privacy?

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Healthcare Content Strategy: Substance and Structure

Vanessa Hill

Every successful healthcare content strategy needs two main ingredients: substance and structure. But how do you merge these two together to create a seamless web experience for your customers? In 2017, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center announced its intent to merge with Beth Israel Deaconess, creating what would be the largest hospital merger in Massachusetts Read More

Peanut Butter + Chocolate: A Recipe for a Successful Content Strategy

Chris Boyer

// By Althea Fung // Content substance and content structure go together like peanut butter and chocolate — and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In 2017, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center announced its intent to merge with Beth Israel Deaconess, creating what would be the largest hospital merger in Massachusetts Read More

OSU Wexner Tackles Vaccine Misconceptions Through Super Bowl Ad


For most people, Super Bowl 2021 was a throwdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tampa’s home turf. But for the marketing team at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in central Ohio, gameday was an opportunity to highlight the talented medical center staff and tackle vaccine misconceptions head-on. “It Read More

How OSU Wexner Used In-House Talent to Create a Winning Super Bowl Ad

OSU Wexner Medical Center Logo

// By Althea Fung // When pandemic restrictions on vendors meant an outside media team couldn’t come on campus, The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center tapped the talents of its own in-house team to produce a high-profile TV spot — and that was just the beginning. For most, Super Bowl 2021 was a throwdown between Read More

What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know About Google Analytics 4


// By Rachael Sauceman // Now is the time to start getting ready for Google’s transition to GA4 in July 2023. In March, Google announced that it plans to officially retire the current version of Google Analytics and require all users to move to the next generation, Google Analytics 4, or GA4, by July 1, Read More

How AI Can Improve Your Site’s Search Functionality

Carrie Liken

Nowadays, we can type long, complex phrases into a search box and find pretty much exactly what we’re looking for on Google. Machine learning is running in the background, getting smarter and smarter. What if health system site searches could be that good? With a form of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, it’s becoming a Read More

Worried That AI Will Take Over Your Job? Don’t Be.


With more than 3.6 billion users worldwide, social media is a highly effective method of communication for marketers. Although social media and healthcare may seem worlds apart, a study published in the journal BMC Research Notes found that 40 percent of consumers use social media for health information. Additionally, 91 percent say online communities influence Read More

Collaboration: The New Gold Standard for Successful Healthcare Organizations

The pandemic had a silver lining. It took a wrecking ball to the walls that have separated internal departments within health systems. Organizations battling COVID-19 had to break down the silos, join forces, and learn to collaborate in new ways. These newly acquired skills are valuable in a post-pandemic world as well.

Health systems that forge internal alliances unleash their collective strengths and leverage competitive strengths to lead their organizations and the industry in innovation and transformation.

This report is a collection of our best articles on the value of collaboration, with interviews from healthcare leaders who have successfully built coalitions, worked across departmental lines, and brought teams together to accomplish what their organizations needed most.

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How UNC Health Makes Site Search More Google-Like


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Can AI make Find A Doctor functionality and site search work better for consumers? Think back to the earliest days of online search, when keywords first came to be. A typical call to action — in a TV spot or a print ad — would be something like this: Read More

How AI Helps Streamline Social Media Marketing


// By Althea Fung // Afraid AI is going to take over your job? Don’t be. “Marketers should … see AI not as a way to replace humans but to augment and enhance the important and necessary work we do,” says’s founder Kate Bradley Chernis. With more than 3.6 billion users worldwide, social media Read More

When Evaluating Effectiveness of Marketing Initiatives, Don’t Stop at ROI


We were intrigued by the first two words of a presentation given by two marketing leaders from Ochsner Health at the 2021 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC): Beyond ROI. Healthcare marketers have learned that provable ROI, or return on investment, helps them make the case for increased investment. But what’s beyond that? So much more, it Read More

Helping Consumers Find Care Everywhere


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // At Northeast Georgia Health System and UPMC, improving access and making digital scheduling easier are top priorities. What does it actually mean for health systems to embark on a digital transformation journey? Among the priorities are making it easier for consumers to find and access the care they need Read More

What Are the Benefits of Doing a Website Content Audit?


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // “Ask the Expert” with Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital Editor at Coffey Communications A website can be like a snowball, picking up more and more content as time goes on. Or it can be like your basement, a convenient place to store things that you’re not sure what to do Read More

Podcasting Made Easy: You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Podcasting Made Easy

Learn how Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital launched a successful podcast, and how it keeps the content pipeline filled.

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.


  • Patrick Moody, Director of Marketing, Public and Community Relations, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Bill Klaproth, Director of Marketing and Production, DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Why podcasting is a valuable marketing platform
  • How to get physician buy-in and participation
  • How to determine the right audience — consumers, referring physicians, or internal staff
  • Which topics to choose — and why
  • How to promote your podcast
  • Best practices for maximum growth, and how to measure success

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Chris Boyer Explains the Potential of Capacity Marketing

Beth Israel Lahey Health

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the country are learning how to deal with its lasting effects on hospital operations. Some health systems are developing a new marketing style to best match patient needs with available services. To learn more about this shift in marketing focus, we spoke with Chris Boyer, vice president Read More

Beyond ROI: How Can You Use Your Marketing Data to Understand Patient Needs, Support Operational Growth, and Inform Business Strategy?

Amber Welch, director of digital content for Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // While many health systems struggle to consolidate data that exists in silos, Ochsner Health’s marketing team has succeeded in wrestling its data to the ground. Insights gleaned from the data are revealing opportunities for investment in new strategic growth initiatives. We were intrigued by the first two words of Read More

Is Capacity Marketing the Next Step for Health Systems? Ask the Expert, with Chris Boyer, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing Intelligence, Beth Israel Lahey Health


// By Jim Samuel // “What health systems have to do now is get a better understanding of their customers’ needs, where they’re seeking care, and start to market to them where there is the capacity for care,” says Boyer. Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the country are learning how to deal Read More

Position Zero: Google’s New Pole Position

Sajul Raju

If you’ve done a Google search over the past year, you’ve probably noticed something different at the top of some search engine results pages (SERP). It’s a featured snippet, also known as Position Zero, and it’s Google’s way of showing users what it thinks is the best answer to their search question. Position Zero provides Read More

Virtual Roundtable: Building Your Digital Front Door

Virtual Roundtable Building Your Digital Front Door

The COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly changing competitive environment are making the consumer and patient digital experience a higher priority for healthcare marketers than ever before. This webinar will provide important insights and tips you need to be ready to play a key role in improving your digital front door.

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.


  • Kendra Calhoun, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communications, Avera Health
  • Ed Rafalski, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, BayCare Health System
  • Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Benchmark where your organization is today
  • Set a vision for future improvement based on digital experience roadmaps
  • Get leadership and organizational buy-in for digital experience initiatives
  • Overcome roadblocks and breakdown operational silos
  • Determine pilot initiatives and build on early wins
  • Establish and measure key indicators for success
  • Put key takeaways to work at your organization

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When Zero Is More Than One

Sajul Raju

// By Jim Samuel // Taking advantage of Google’s Position Zero, or featured snippets, can be an effective way to enhance your brand and drive traffic to your website, particularly for mobile users. While it can be challenging to attain this coveted place in Google’s search results, with planning and effort, it is possible to Read More

Making Every Dollar Count When Budgets Are Limited


Connecticut is a small state with a large number of healthcare facilities to choose from — and now even drug stores turned health hubs are competing for the same patients. “There’s a lot of noise out there,” says Cathie Cannon, assistant vice president of health communications at UConn Health. “Consumers have a lot of options Read More

Learn How Podcasts Can Be a Primary Content-Generation Tool

Bill Klaproth

Versatile podcasts can stand on their own as a popular source of content, but they are also a great way to stoke the content-generation engine, especially for healthcare communications and marketing programs. “It all starts with a podcast,” says Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and production for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD. Klaproth, who provides podcast services Read More

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