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How Virtua Health Turned Its EHR into a Powerful Marketing Tool

Chris Hemphill, director, client AI & operations, SymphonyRM

// By Althea Fung // When Virtua Health, a southern New Jersey-based health system, acquired Lourdes Health System in 2019, the leadership team decided it would be a good time to continue to build on how the now five-hospital system was investing in its marketing initiatives. “[The marketing department] had an opportunity to build technology Read More

Opportunity Amid Uncertainty: A Vision for Tomorrow

// By Paul Szablowski // Predictions for 2021 are still anyone’s guess. The coronavirus continues to rage, and many economists are forecasting slow economic growth. Bloomberg reported in mid-November that the increase in COVID-19 cases and resulting new restrictions “threaten to temper momentum for the economic recovery even amid positive news about a vaccine.” Amid Read More

How Duke Health’s Alexa Skill Improved Urgent Care Access

// By Jared Johnson // Now is an ideal time to explore opportunities for voice skills to improve a consumer’s healthcare experience. Seamus O’Reilly, senior director of content marketing and digital presence at Duke Health, and Matt Hummel, chief experience officer and vice president of consumer strategy and design at Paragon, presented on this topic Read More

2021 Digital Initiatives from 2 Leading Health Systems

Jill McCormick, Christopher Pace, Jared Johnson

How Banner Health and Baystate Health are Creating Quality Digital Experiences for Prospects and Patients

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends presents a brand-new member webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Wednesday | January 20, 2021 | 2 P.M. Eastern


  • Jill McCormick, Director of Design and Innovation, Baystate Health
  • Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Banner Health

Moderated by:

  • Jared Johnson, Founder, Shift.Health Content Network


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How BayCare Health Is Building Deeper Customer Relationships and Driving Brand Loyalty

// By Marlene Kurban // The ratings and reviews that consumers post online can advance or damage the reputation of any organization, and healthcare is no exception. Online reputation management (ORM) and ongoing analysis of reviews have the potential to significantly improve the patient experience and positively influence customer lifetime value (CLV). BayCare Health System Read More

Living the Dream of CRM at Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Is it possible for health systems to have their own version of “set it and forget it”? Can they really set up campaigns in their CRMs and let them run automatically based on pre-set rules? Maybe not right out of the gate, but with diligence, healthcare marketers can learn Read More

Dynamic Personalization in Healthcare Websites

Seventy-five percent of consumers prefer to do business with organizations that create personalized and relevant shopping experiences. But 60 percent of healthcare consumers report they don’t get that from healthcare organizations. There’s a huge opportunity to improve customer experience and increase conversions by bridging this gap.

Personalization can help connect the dots between consumer pain points and your healthcare services — helping consumers get value by more quickly and efficiently finding relevant information they seek, while allowing health systems to cross-promote services, improve loyalty, and drive patient volume. Done correctly, it’s a win-win.

In this session you’ll hear from experts who have worked with organizations including Duke Health, Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, and Cleveland Clinic. They’ll discuss how to use personalization tools to customize healthcare experiences while staying on the right side of HIPAA and the compliance department. You’ll get real-world examples and best practices to optimize your hospital website, leverage customer data safely, and deliver the more “Amazon-like” digital experience consumers expect.

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Dalal Haldeman, Ph.D. Joins Editorial Advisory Board of eHST

The eHST Editorial Advisory Board is made up of leaders in the health care marketing field committed to shaping the future of the industry. They offer ongoing feedback on our editorial coverage, write occasional articles, and point us to developments and people eHST members like you should know about. I’m very pleased to announce that Read More

2020 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The eHealthcare Leadership Awards honor the very best websites and digital communications from a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations. Winners of the 21st Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced on November 17 at a special presentation at HCIC@Home, the virtual conference sponsored by Greystone.Net, our partner in presenting the Read More

Winning with Digital Marketing Campaigns During the Pandemic’s Ups and Downs

Jared Johnson

Ask the Expert, with JK Lloyd, President, Eruptr // By Jared Johnson // Hospital digital teams continue to ask lots of questions about resuming and revising their digital marketing campaigns as COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise. For many, it continues to be a challenge to make decisions about how to revive key service-line campaigns while Read More

How BayCare Health System Increases Customer Lifetime Value with a Proactive Strategy for Ratings & Reviews

Ed Rafalski and Annie Haarman

What if you could create a customer engagement program in your urgent care service line that increases customer lifetime value by 22 percent?

Or increase the customer lifetime value of your primary care physician service line by 29 percent?

And what if you could document and prove those results based on a two-year scientific study that ties your customer engagement program’s impact to customer visit history?

That is precisely what BayCare Health System has done.

BayCare Health System has spent the last two years conducting a proactive “Review Requesting Program” in its urgent care and primary care physician service lines and analyzed the effect on clinical visit history and customer lifetime value.

Watch this webinar on demand, and learn from Ed Rafalski, BayCare Health System’s chief strategy and marketing officer how the program was executed and analyzed, and how it improved the health system’s business KPIs and clinical outcomes.

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The Economic Value of Star Ratings and Reviews in Healthcare

// By Ed Rafalski // Using Customer Lifetime Value and ratings, organizations can identify the total cost of acquisition of new customers and the total incremental cost of retaining existing customers. BayCare Health has seen promising results with its proactive strategy. Now more than ever before, reviews and star ratings influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, especially in retail. Read More

All Healthcare Is Local — Especially During a Pandemic

Carrie Liken, head of healthcare industry at Yext

// By Carrie Liken // The COVID-19 pandemic has been a defining moment for humanity. It has been equally defining for healthcare. As long as COVID is part of our world, people will travel less for care, and they will search more for local care that is convenient to them. If you use this to Read More

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 — The Impact of COVID-19

// By Ben Dillon // The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry in the U.S., but not all in the same way or to the same degree. Healthcare’s experience has been unique, with the combination of shutdowns early in the crisis coupled with costly emergency response plans for many health systems. Teams pivoted to focus Read More

Riverview Health Mines Data to Uncover New Opportunities and Drive Growth

// By Jim Samuel // Health systems and hospitals can use data they already have to help set marketing priorities and determine the best use of their budgets. That was just one of the lessons identified during “Using Analytics to Inform, Plan, and Optimize Marketing,” a presentation given during the 2020 Healthcare Marketing and Physician Read More

On-Demand Virtual Visits Attract New Patients to Rush University System for Health

// By Wendy Stark Healy // The COVID-19 outbreak was challenging for healthcare organizations, but one positive for marketers was that the pandemic presented new opportunities to engage consumers digitally. When patients couldn’t see their providers in the office, they used virtual care or telemedicine services. Rush University System for Health, a network of physicians Read More

Following the Fundamentals Still Works: Cleveland Clinic Case Study

Tom Hileman, president of Hileman Group

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // In this digitally saturated age, we’re all running as fast as we can to keep up with the latest marketing trends and technology innovations. With all the noise, it’s sometimes hard to remember that “the simplest solution is almost always the best solution,” says the philosophical principle known as Read More

North Carolina Is First in Flight — Again

Novant Health’s pandemic response includes delivery of critical supplies by drone. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // What does a healthcare logistics company that’s had success distributing medical supplies to remote healthcare facilities in rural Africa have to offer large, technologically advanced, geographically distributed health systems in the U.S.? Plenty. Zipline, whose mission is “to Read More

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Healthcare Intranet Partner

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that employees need up-to-date information that’s easily accessible. For many, the last few months have brought to light the challenges and limitations of their current intranet.

Download this white paper and learn how to prepare internally before you redesign – and how to choose a partner who will help you deliver on your promises.

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Why Search Query Optimization Is Vital for Paid Search Success

Hardy Kalisher

// By Hardy Kalisher // To thrive in healthcare’s hyper-competitive search arena, your organization’s paid search needs to be able to hit the nail on the head perfectly every time. Search query optimization (SQO) is a vital first step in setting your paid search up to maximize your ROI. Many paid search efforts begin with Read More

Cutting Edge Outreach: Think Like a Data Scientist

// By Jim Samuel // Data and analytics can help physician outreach teams focus their efforts to achieve more of their objectives and make themselves indispensable to their organizations. Physician liaison and outreach departments should focus on more than volume growth and instead use data and analytics to help hospitals and health systems achieve their Read More

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