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Children’s Wisconsin App Makes Access to Care Easier for Families


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // When a third of your families are MyChart power-users, you’d rock their world if you changed everything they’re familiar with. Instead, the Children’s Wisconsin branded app adds new features that parents want, built around the MyChart core. If you have a sick kid, you need a quick, easy way Read More

OSU Wexner Tackles Vaccine Misconceptions Through Super Bowl Ad


For most people, Super Bowl 2021 was a throwdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tampa’s home turf. But for the marketing team at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in central Ohio, gameday was an opportunity to highlight the talented medical center staff and tackle vaccine misconceptions head-on. “It Read More

How OSU Wexner Used In-House Talent to Create a Winning Super Bowl Ad

OSU Wexner Medical Center Logo

// By Althea Fung // When pandemic restrictions on vendors meant an outside media team couldn’t come on campus, The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center tapped the talents of its own in-house team to produce a high-profile TV spot — and that was just the beginning. For most, Super Bowl 2021 was a throwdown between Read More

What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know About Google Analytics 4


// By Rachael Sauceman // Now is the time to start getting ready for Google’s transition to GA4 in July 2023. In March, Google announced that it plans to officially retire the current version of Google Analytics and require all users to move to the next generation, Google Analytics 4, or GA4, by July 1, Read More

Joe Public 2030: Our Thoughts on a Few Questions

Stuart Hanson

// By Jane Weber Brubaker and Althea Fung // Will the industry’s biggest buzzwords really make a difference? We think the answer is yes. A good open-ended question gets you thinking, or in our case, researching. In Chris Bevolo’s latest (and final, he says) book in the Joe Public series, Joe Public 2030, he poses Read More

The Evolution of Email Marketing

Theresa Lockemy

// By Althea Fung // Marketers from Humana and Johns Hopkins Medicine weigh in on the value of email marketing. Effective strategies for consumer engagement are also more efficient for marketers. If you’re an email marketer, you’ve likely heard the refrain “Email marketing is dead” countless times. But that’s just not true. A Pew Research Read More

The Key to Creating Social Media Success

Marty Summa

// By Marty Summa // Younger audiences trust healthcare information they find on social media platforms. Not only do they consume it, they share it. And overall consumption in other ages groups is also growing. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your social media and content marketing efforts. Hospitals and Read More

Collaboration: The New Gold Standard for Successful Healthcare Organizations

The pandemic had a silver lining. It took a wrecking ball to the walls that have separated internal departments within health systems. Organizations battling COVID-19 had to break down the silos, join forces, and learn to collaborate in new ways. These newly acquired skills are valuable in a post-pandemic world as well.

Health systems that forge internal alliances unleash their collective strengths and leverage competitive strengths to lead their organizations and the industry in innovation and transformation.

This report is a collection of our best articles on the value of collaboration, with interviews from healthcare leaders who have successfully built coalitions, worked across departmental lines, and brought teams together to accomplish what their organizations needed most.

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Even Artificial Intelligence Could Not Predict What Was to Come

// By Jim Samuel // Learn how a South Jersey health system’s 2018 decision to adopt artificial intelligence and predictive analytics paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. When South Jersey’s Virtua Health decided to add customer relationship management (CRM), artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics to its technology toolkit in 2018, the Read More

How UNC Health Makes Site Search More Google-Like


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Can AI make Find A Doctor functionality and site search work better for consumers? Think back to the earliest days of online search, when keywords first came to be. A typical call to action — in a TV spot or a print ad — would be something like this: Read More

How AI Helps Streamline Social Media Marketing


// By Althea Fung // Afraid AI is going to take over your job? Don’t be. “Marketers should … see AI not as a way to replace humans but to augment and enhance the important and necessary work we do,” says Lately.ai’s founder Kate Bradley Chernis. With more than 3.6 billion users worldwide, social media Read More

AI Helps Yuma Regional Medical Center Understand What Matters Most to Patients


// By Marlene Kurban // Using AI gives Yuma Regional Medical Center a better understanding of what its customers are saying about the medical center. It’s often very different from information collected on a paper survey. Artificial intelligence (AI) gives healthcare organizations the ability to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, needs, and concerns, Read More

Wellstar’s Chief Information and Digital Officer Weighs In on AI


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Dr. Hank Capps doesn’t think AI is going to become your doctor, but it will be a part of the technology that will be part of your care in the future. When Dr. Hank Capps joined Wellstar in January 2021 as executive vice president and chief information and digital officer, Read More

HonorHealth, Loyal Team Up to Offer AI-Driven Symptom Checker


// By Althea Fung // Connecting chat functionality with symptom checking and online scheduling helps patients find the right level of care. When you’re feeling unwell, symptom checkers — online triage tools that identify a range of conditions a user may have based on what the user is experiencing — can be helpful. These tools Read More

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Reflect the Evolution of Our Industry

Susan Dubuque, principal and co-founder of ndp

// By Susan Dubuque // For more than two decades, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards have showcased creativity and innovation in digital communications that support healthcare organizations’ marketing and business goals, and enhance patient and consumer experiences. I am honored to serve as co-chair for this year’s eHealthcare Leadership Awards. In preparing for this role, I Read More

Helping Consumers Find Care Everywhere


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // At Northeast Georgia Health System and UPMC, improving access and making digital scheduling easier are top priorities. What does it actually mean for health systems to embark on a digital transformation journey? Among the priorities are making it easier for consumers to find and access the care they need Read More

Call for Entries for the 2022 eHealthcare Leadership Awards Is Open

Susan Dubuque, principal and co-founder of ndp

A Note from the President: I’m pleased to announce that Susan Dubuque will co-chair this year’s eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Susan is cofounder of NDP Agency, a marketing and advertising firm based in Richmond, Virginia, and a nationally recognized expert in behavioral marketing. She literally wrote the book on marketing’s role in health improvement, Gearing Up Read More

What Are the Benefits of Doing a Website Content Audit?


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // “Ask the Expert” with Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital Editor at Coffey Communications A website can be like a snowball, picking up more and more content as time goes on. Or it can be like your basement, a convenient place to store things that you’re not sure what to do Read More

Salesforce Gives Marketers Top Tips to Drive Growth in Email Marketing

Rachel Boyles

// By Althea Fung // Email marketing is still the preferred channel for personalized communications among all age groups. Are you making the most of it? People often say that email marketing is dead, but that’s not true. A 2021 study by Bluecore and NAPCO Research found that email is the most preferred communication channel Read More

Standard Definitions Improve Content Delivery and Communications

aha media

“The terms ‘content marketing’ and ‘content strategy’ get slung around like so many shiny, whole tunas at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle,” says Ahava Leibtag of Aha Media Group. “As content production in healthcare has increased, the need for tools and documentation to keep teams aligned and efficient has also risen.” Here’s an excerpt from Read More

Augmented Reality with Choco the Bear Comforts Children During MRIs

AR screenshot

// By Cheryl L. Serra // Children’s Hospital of Orange County makes having an MRI feel like an adventurous day near the sea. Imagine a child you love is not feeling well. They have seemingly ceaseless appointments at unfamiliar places — hospitals or healthcare facilities with all their starched efficiency, forms, and strangers — to Read More

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