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Indiana University Health’s Digital Journey Toward Consumerism

Brian Gresh, president of Loyal

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Brian Gresh, president of Loyal, made an attention-grabbing statement during his presentation at HCIC 2019, Delivering on the Promise of an Empowered Digital Experience: “When it comes to healthcare, I don’t think there’s a single healthcare system out there that’s truly digital.” Coming from the person who is well Read More

Banner Ads in the Age of Ad-Blocking

Althea Fung

// By Althea Fung // Digital advertising has always been and will always be a moving target, as the online audience matures and platforms become more sophisticated. To win in this environment, it’s essential to keep pace with emerging trends and adapt accordingly. Atop the building next to my apartment is a billboard that reads: Read More

Fine-Tuning Content for Conversions

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // How VITAS Healthcare’s content strategy is evolving to better serve site visitors and meet business objectives. Healthcare marketing is all about continuous learning. It’s a little like climbing a mountain. Just when you think you’ve reached the summit, you find there’s another crest, and then another. But unlike mountain Read More

Award-Winning Site Designs: More Than Skin-Deep

John Odom

Inova and St. Louis Children’s Hospital share their website redesign journeys. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // What guides great site design? And who defines what great is in the first place? We checked in with some of the 2019 winners of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards to see how they approached their site redesigns, and Read More

What’s Trending in Healthcare CRM?

Ask the Expert, with Daniel Quinn, Vice President of Business Strategy and Analytics, LionShare Marketing // By Jared Johnson // The role of data in the lives of marketers continues to expand. Customer relationship management (CRM) software has brought some of the most sophisticated data uses to healthcare marketing, including segmentation and personalization. But as Read More

The Art of the Interview: What Works — and What Doesn’t

// By Marcia Simon, APR // It’s hard to imagine that a renowned surgeon or C-suite executive has insecurities, but when it comes to being in front of a video camera — or any type of media — people are people. And some are just not comfortable in that environment. As an interviewer, it’s your Read More

Marketing Operations Management Helps Hospitals Streamline Projects

Althea Fung

// By Althea Fung // The marketing technology (MarTech) industry is booming. The landscape has grown from 150 solutions in 2011 to 7,040 in 2019. It’s easy to see why — marketing departments need systems to provide oversight of projects. More and more companies are turning to marketing operations management systems to oversee the marketing process from start Read More

Patient Well-Being at the Center of Cone Health’s Website Relaunch

// By Melanie Graham // North Carolina’s Cone Health has roots in the denim industry. The system’s benefactors, Moses and Bertha Cone, started Cone Denim, and the surrounding community has maintained strong ties to its textile heritage. And while denim may be the literal fabric that started this Greensboro-area health system, Cone Health also knows Read More

The Cost of Not Having Healthcare CRM

The Cost of Not Having Healthcare CRM

// Sponsored Post //

Has your health system delayed the decision to move away from an ineffective CRM system? Or hesitated to invest in one at all?

This non-decision can be costing your organization in missed opportunities: Patients left unengaged. Prospective patients unacquired. Market share lost.

Download this new white paper today to arm yourself and your team to make the case for investment in CRM at your health system.

You’ll get insights into:

  • Key benefits a modern CRM system offers
  • Why CRM systems represent an investment, not an expense
  • The opportunity costs of not leveraging CRM
  • How CRM systems help with both acquisition and retention
  • Why you can no longer afford to rely on manual marketing efforts

Download your copy today

2019 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The eHealthcare Leadership Awards honor the very best websites and digital communications from a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations. Winners of the 20th Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced on November 6 at a special presentation in Orlando, Florida during the Healthcare Internet Conference sponsored by Greystone.Net. More than Read More

Driving Brand Experience with Data

Ask the Expert, with Drew Diskin, Director of Marketing Technology, Virtua Health // By Jared Johnson // Data available to marketers today is key to creating brand experiences that last, but only when used at patients’ decision points. Drew Diskin, director of marketing technology for Virtua Health, recently shared with me how the healthcare system Read More

Trends, Predictions, and the User Experience Movement

Learn the biggest takeaways from 2019, what to expect for 2020, and why user experience is at the heart of it all. // By Ben Dillon // Toward the beginning of a new year, everyone gets excited about trends. But trends don’t start or end in a single year. Sometimes they are more of a Read More

Hardtner Medical Center Opens New Digital Front Door in Rural Louisiana

// By Melanie Graham // In early 2018, the team at Hardtner Medical Center was searching for an innovative way to engage patients and increase usage of its patient portal. It had tried emails, advertisements, flyers — even billboards. But one tactic it hadn’t tried yet was a mobile app. “We needed to figure out Read More

Double Your Search Impact Without Spending One Dollar More

Double Your Search Impact Without Spending One Dollar More

// Sponsored Post //

Most hospital marketers have a sneaking suspicion that some of their digital spend goes to waste. But they struggle to pinpoint the source of the problem.

This whitepaper will give you a framework to investigate the effectiveness of your current spend and develop a path to double your impact without doubling your budget.

We’ll explore dynamics unique to healthcare campaigns, provide clear expectations about what results you should expect, and show you how to find reliable third-party data to validate your improvements.

Download your copy and you’ll come away with these three critical healthcare digital marketing takeaways:

  • The fundamental campaign types for healthcare digital advertising
  • How to choose the best model for your campaigns and set the right KPIs to take control of your spend
  • Best practices based on years of practical experience to get a comprehensive benchmark and diagnose campaign issues

Embrace these ideas and you can leapfrog ahead of your competition while they continue to spend twice as much for digital advertisements.

Download your copy today

SHSMD Connections 2019: Making Room for Innovation

Jeff Steblea, SHSMD board member and director of sales at Eruptr

// By Jared Johnson // It’s time to make more room for innovation in our marketing and strategy, according to participants at SHSMD Connections 2019. SHSMD Connections, the annual conference of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, was held September 8-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference included inspirational keynotes, 140+ solution providers, informative Read More

The Value of Customer Journey Mapping in Healthcare

Ask the Expert, with Steve Koch, Managing Director, Cast & Hue // By Jared Johnson // Marketers need to focus on the holistic experience of the consumers and patients they serve. It’s not just acquisition but creating long-term relationships with people as they go through the continuum of care. I spoke with Steve Koch, managing Read More

Digital Accessibility: Why It Should Be a Matter of Culture, Not Compliance

// By Keir Bradshaw // Statistics paint a realistic picture of why healthcare organizations need to make their websites and other digital assets accessible to those with disabilities. For starters, there’s the fact that disability affects just over one in every four people1 living in U.S. communities. From a pure business perspective, hospitals and health systems simply can’t afford to shut the digital front door on 26 percent of their potential patient populations. Then Read More

How Health Systems Can Prepare for the Voice-First Future

// By Melanie Graham // Over the past 25 years, healthcare marketers have experienced several waves of digital disruption, from the adoption of the web to SEO, social media, and mobile devices. The latest wave? Voice. But voice assistants are not just a trendy marketing tool — they can provide many benefits for patients, health Read More

Reworking the EHR at VCU: Designing for the People Who Practice Medicine

Rodrigo Martinez, MD, chief clinical officer, TransformativeMed

// By Althea Fung // Electronic health records (EHR) have changed the way the healthcare industry works. In the 10 years since then-president Barack Obama signed a law to accelerate digitization of health records, hospital EHR adoption has increased from 9 percent to 96 percent, according to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Read More

I’m Human. Are You?

// By Christy Pretzinger // When I began freelancing in the early ’90s, a fax machine was the only so-called “digital” equipment I had. When I had conference calls, I put my dog in the other room so my clients wouldn’t know I was working from home. Obviously, times have changed. Technology is ubiquitous. And Read More

Customer Data Platforms: A Foundation for Healthcare Change

Customer Data Platforms white paper cover

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Read this CDP Institute white paper sponsored by Healthgrades.

The technology systems used by today’s healthcare organizations capture enormous amounts of consumer data, but tend to be siloed, disconnected from one another and unable to share information. This prevents the consistent, coordinated experience consumers have come to expect in other parts of their life, resulting in dissatisfaction, unnecessary costs, and less desirable health outcomes. Fortunately, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have arrived and can create positive change for both health systems and their patients.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how CDPs represent a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to market to consumers, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve the health outcomes of their patients, with the ability to:

  • Ingest unstructured and semi-structured sources, refining them so the data can be used by other systems.
  • Unify consumer identities from different sources, providing a more complete picture of an individual and storing it for future reference.
  • Support predictive modeling, and enhance the process with automated machine learning.
  • Coordinate messaging across channels throughout the customer journey.
  • Generate personalized messaging in real time.
  • Provide up-to-the-moment information about events across channels.

Download your copy today

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