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The Value of Customer Journey Mapping in Healthcare

Ask the Expert, with Steve Koch, Managing Director, Cast & Hue // By Jared Johnson // Marketers need to focus on the holistic experience of the consumers and patients they serve. It’s not just acquisition but creating long-term relationships with people as they go through the continuum of care. I spoke with Steve Koch, managing Read More

Digital Accessibility: Why It Should Be a Matter of Culture, Not Compliance

// By Keir Bradshaw // Statistics paint a realistic picture of why healthcare organizations need to make their websites and other digital assets accessible to those with disabilities. For starters, there’s the fact that disability affects just over one in every four people1 living in U.S. communities. From a pure business perspective, hospitals and health systems simply can’t afford to shut the digital front door on 26 percent of their potential patient populations. Then Read More

How Health Systems Can Prepare for the Voice-First Future

// By Melanie Graham // Over the past 25 years, healthcare marketers have experienced several waves of digital disruption, from the adoption of the web to SEO, social media, and mobile devices. The latest wave? Voice. But voice assistants are not just a trendy marketing tool — they can provide many benefits for patients, health Read More

Reworking the EHR at VCU: Designing for the People Who Practice Medicine

Rodrigo Martinez, MD, chief clinical officer, TransformativeMed

// By Althea Fung // Electronic health records (EHR) have changed the way the healthcare industry works. In the 10 years since then-president Barack Obama signed a law to accelerate digitization of health records, hospital EHR adoption has increased from 9 percent to 96 percent, according to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Read More

I’m Human. Are You?

// By Christy Pretzinger // When I began freelancing in the early ’90s, a fax machine was the only so-called “digital” equipment I had. When I had conference calls, I put my dog in the other room so my clients wouldn’t know I was working from home. Obviously, times have changed. Technology is ubiquitous. And Read More

Customer Data Platforms: A Foundation for Healthcare Change

Customer Data Platforms white paper cover

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Read this CDP Institute white paper sponsored by Healthgrades.

The technology systems used by today’s healthcare organizations capture enormous amounts of consumer data, but tend to be siloed, disconnected from one another and unable to share information. This prevents the consistent, coordinated experience consumers have come to expect in other parts of their life, resulting in dissatisfaction, unnecessary costs, and less desirable health outcomes. Fortunately, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have arrived and can create positive change for both health systems and their patients.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how CDPs represent a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to market to consumers, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve the health outcomes of their patients, with the ability to:

  • Ingest unstructured and semi-structured sources, refining them so the data can be used by other systems.
  • Unify consumer identities from different sources, providing a more complete picture of an individual and storing it for future reference.
  • Support predictive modeling, and enhance the process with automated machine learning.
  • Coordinate messaging across channels throughout the customer journey.
  • Generate personalized messaging in real time.
  • Provide up-to-the-moment information about events across channels.

Download your copy today

When Will Healthcare Be Ready for 5G?

Larry Kaiser, vice president of marketing and communications, Optimum Healthcare IT

// By Jared Johnson // As healthcare’s digital transformation continues, many providers and patients are beginning to dig into what 5G can bring. Industry leaders seem to be in general agreement that 5G will bring new opportunities to deliver on some of digital health’s revolutionary promises, but that we are still years away from devices Read More

Managing Risk: The Business Case for Security Certification

// By Cheryl L. Serra // If you think it’s expensive and time-consuming to protect your healthcare organization’s data, you’re right. But just look at the cost of not having a solid security program and experiencing a healthcare breach. You needn’t look far. A breach can be financially devastating. It will ruin your reputation. It Read More

Telemedicine at Yale New Haven Health: Letting Patients Make the Call

// By Marcia Simon, APR // Consumers want faster access to healthcare, providers want to improve the patient relationship, and reimbursement rates for telemedicine are getting better. Combine these factors and it becomes clear — telemedicine is going mainstream. Telemedicine claims have increased 624 percent from 2014 to 2018, according to FAIR Health, a nonprofit Read More

Price Transparency: Helping People Shop for “Shoppable” Services

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // In a TED Talk earlier this year, Jeanne Pinder, founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts.com, describes a situation that is all too familiar. Three members of her family had minor surgery, comparable in scope, each requiring about a half an hour. The bills, just looking at anesthesia, ranged from $2,000 Read More

Transparency: Consumers Have a Right to Know

Danny Fell

// By Daniel Fell // Should consumers choose doctors and hospitals based on how many stars they have? If not, then what information should consumers and patients use in determining where to go for healthcare services? Rating healthcare providers by the number of stars they have may be overly simplistic, but the majority of consumers Read More

HCIC 2019: A Good Time and a Good Education

Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net

Sneak Peek at 23rd Annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference // By Jane Weber Brubaker // HCIC is a little like the gathering of the clans. “I’ve had people tell me that they feel like this is their tribe,” says Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net, producers of HCIC, the annual Healthcare Internet Conference. “They Read More

Engaging Audiences with Live Video Broadcasting

Tools like Facebook Live work, with upfront planning and strategic thinking // By Sheryl S. Jackson // On any given week across the state of Connecticut, there are broadcast segments on four local news networks, radio stations, and social media. What makes these segments different? They are all produced by an in-house strategic content and Read More

Bringing the Amazon Experience to Healthcare

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Free white paper published by Healthgrades

Applying Retail Best Practices to Healthcare Marketing

The age of healthcare consumer experience is here to stay, but understanding what that means and how to translate traditional retail customer experience tactics to healthcare can be confusing. This ebook gives you concrete tips and strategies for bringing that Amazon-like experience to healthcare marketing.

This guide examines how Amazon accomplishes great customer experience management through a mobile first strategy, data-based user experience design, conversion optimization, and personalization then shows you where you can apply these same principles to your own website, provider profiles, and more.

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The Definitive Guide to Healthcare CRM

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Free white paper published by Healthgrades

A Practical Guide for Successful CRM Selecton, Implementation and Value Creation

Download this eBook and get the answers to all your questions and more including:

  • What is Healthcare CRM and how can it help my organization?
  • Why is CRM so hot right now?
  • How does CRM fit in directly with the rest of my martech stack?
  • What are the common and advanced features of CRM tools?
  • How do I build a business case and convince internal stakeholders to act?
  • What does the future of CRM look like?

We’ve also included worksheets that you can use to figure out whether your organization is ready for CRM and how it will help you increase your revenue and attain high priority business goals.

The silos that once bound clinical and behavioral data up to this point — EHRs, lab data, content management systems, and the like — can now largely be eliminated with a variety of integration techniques, most notably using standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs). With APIs, you can feed disparate data sources into a single centralized platform, which, for the purposes of healthcare marketing, means a CRM. There, clinical and behavioral data is meshed with consumer marketing data, crucially enabling organizations to engage with consumers in a more refined, relevant, and personalized way.

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Beyond Advertising: The State of Healthcare Digital Transformation

Jared Johnson

Ask the Expert with Shawn Gross, Vice President, Digital Transformation at ReviveHealth // By Jared Johnson // Digital transformation is more than improving internal operational efficiencies, creating a digital workplace, or doing more innovative advertising. It means offering real improvements in convenience, usefulness, ease, and other qualities people value. Here, Shawn Gross, vice president, digital Read More

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