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Healthcare Content Hub Strategy: Giving Users What They Want

Amy Stevens

As a healthcare marketer, how do you create content that is relevant to your audience and meets their specific needs? Content marketers know that a well-told story can leave an indelible mark on the reader. It can make seemingly boring topics engaging and highlight connections between disparate groups. In the past, marketers would have to Read More

4 Essential Content Marketing Books for Healthcare Marketers


Content marketing should be an essential part of any healthcare organization’s marketing efforts. A good content marketing program can help you generate organic search results that let you build awareness, educate the market, and drive volume to your website. If you’re building a content marketing library for yourself or your staff, you may wonder what Read More

How OSU Wexner Consolidated Its Multi-Site Content Into a Single Mega Site


Ohio State Wexner Medical Center faced a challenge. It wanted to combine blog content and news from several high-performing system websites into a single mega site called Ohio State Health & Discovery. But much of the content it planned to use had earned high rankings in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP), including many placements Read More

New Year, New Outlook: 7 Trends Expected to Shape Healthcare in 2023

Sondra Brown

Now that 2023 is officially underway, it’s a good time to examine the various trends expected to shape the healthcare industry this year. Hospital and health system digital marketing teams will face significant headwinds in 2023, but they will have many opportunities to rise to the occasion as they have done many times in the Read More

The Power of Showing Empathy in Your Healthcare Marketing Content

In today’s climate of diminishing trust in institutions, how do you attract patients in a way that both highlights your organization’s services and builds longlasting trust with your healthcare brand? “Of all the marketing tips for healthcare, the most important (and simplest) one is this: express empathy,” says Wendy Margolin in a new article. “Empathy Read More

Leveraging Data Analytics to Prove the Value of Your Healthcare Marketing

Why travel by horse and buggy when you can drive a Tesla? That’s the metaphor used by three presenters at a recent conference to explain how MedStar Health went from the dark ages of measurement to a souped-up analytics platform that enables insightful, actionable, and easy-to-understand reporting. Ben Waxman, president of Tessellati, LLC, jokes that Read More

Year in Review: 5 Digital Healthcare Themes From 2022

2022 Year in Review

2022 has been a momentous year for digital healthcare leaders, in part because the delicate balance — of returning to “normal” after so many years of a global pandemic and returning to the continuous push for more digital transformation — is a fine line given budget constraints and resource limitations. But striking that balance is Read More

Physician-Led Effort to Bolster Community’s Mental Health Features AI Solution


Nationally, more than 2.5 million youth in the U.S. have severe depression, according to The State of Mental Health in America, a report published by Mental Health America. Multiracial youth are at greatest risk. According to the report, 10.6 percent of youth in the U.S. have severe major depression, or depression that severely affects functioning, Read More

Why Health Systems Might Be Relying Too Much on CRM Data

Healthcare organizations use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to manage patient information, appointments, and communications. If your organization uses a CRM system to engage patients, you may think the data in your system is clean, accurate, and reliable. But a recent study suggests that health systems may be putting too much trust into the accuracy Read More

How a CRM Strategy Delivered Cleaner and More Accurate Data for St. Bernards


Without the right tools, it’s hard to meet your strategic goals. With the right tools and partners, it’s as different as night and day. At St. Bernards Healthcare in northeast Arkansas, trying to prospect for new patients among new movers wasn’t working. That changed when the health system adopted a CRM platform, Virgin Pulse, in Read More

Survey Reveals Healthcare Consumers Are More Empowered Than Ever

consumer health survey report

Consumerism is a growing force in healthcare. The industry has been pushing consumers to take a more active role in their health and wellness for many years. With growing involvement comes a set of growing expectations that healthcare providers will operate on consumers’ terms and that they’ll meet health consumers where they are. In a Read More

Is it Time to Take Your Digital Health Marketing In-House?

Jennifer Vazales

When you’re ready to make the transition to in-house digital health marketing, finding the right partner is key. Small marketing teams often lean on third-party providers to run their marketing campaigns. As these teams develop skills in digital marketing, they gain the confidence to staff up and bring campaign management in-house. By 2020, VCU Health’s Read More

Does Your Health System Need a Primary Care Reactivation Campaign?

Cheryl Hodgson

Primary care plays a central role in the healthcare delivery system. But the COVID-19 pandemic upended primary care services. As a result, many primary care physicians closed their offices, offered reduced services, or used virtual care services to connect with patients. But when offices began to reopen, patients remained reticent to return. So is a Read More

Optimized Healthcare Marketing: A Fully Integrated and Transparent Funnel

combinaut logo

“I’ve been a healthcare marketer for what seems like a very long time (20 years), with a big chunk of that at Scripps Health in San Diego,” writes Marc Needham, chief growth officer for Combinaut. “Over that very long period, I’ve seen lots of seemingly impossible problems vanish and other problems that seemed easily remedied Read More

Healthcare CRM: Leverage Your Existing Data to Drive Patient Activation

Actium logo

In healthcare, CRM is often referred to as the software itself — as a noun — versus the activity of managing customers — a verb. In some cases, it’s a checkbox for a technology neither mapped to organizational goals nor mapped to driving metrics that matter to the health system. Innovative health systems have started Read More

Blockchain Technology in Digital Healthcare: An Answer to Digital Ad Fraud?


If you’re running digital healthcare advertising campaigns, you’re probably aware of blockchain technology. To hear some tell it, blockchain is the answer to just about every problem faced by modern society. Others describe it as a solution in search of a problem. One area in which blockchain has seen some success is in helping to Read More

Healthcare Content Strategy: Substance and Structure

Vanessa Hill

Every successful healthcare content strategy needs two main ingredients: substance and structure. But how do you merge these two together to create a seamless web experience for your customers? In 2017, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center announced its intent to merge with Beth Israel Deaconess, creating what would be the largest hospital merger in Massachusetts Read More

Health System Website Revamp? How to Win Over Stakeholders

Aaron Watkins

When starting a health system website revamp, numerous decisions have to be made. What are the priorities? Who will have the final word? How will you align your decisions with your health system’s strategic plan? But most importantly, how will you engage your stakeholders and win their approval when doing a health system website revamp? Read More

Is Web Personalization Worth the Investment? How Two Health Systems Are Making the Case


As a healthcare marketer, how can you justify the investment required for web personalization? While web personalization is perceived by many healthcare systems to enhance their digital marketing and improve the customer experience, a sizeable number of organizations find the tools challenging and have difficulty measuring success. Geonetric’s 2021 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends survey showed Read More

OSU Wexner Tackles Vaccine Misconceptions Through Super Bowl Ad


For most people, Super Bowl 2021 was a throwdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tampa’s home turf. But for the marketing team at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in central Ohio, gameday was an opportunity to highlight the talented medical center staff and tackle vaccine misconceptions head-on. “It Read More

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