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Should Influencer Marketing Be Part of Your Marketing Mix?

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When you think of influencer marketing, do celebrities like LeBron James and Taylor Swift and their millions of followers come to mind? Ochsner Health is thinking small, successfully leveraging “micro-influencers” — those with 1,000 followers or more — to get the word out in Louisiana about choosing healthy habits. Ochsner chose to tap into the Read More

An Unfiltered Conversation About AI — With AI Itself


Editor’s Note: We’ve done a lot of Q&A’s over the years, but never with AI. Until now. The following interview takes place with a conversational chatbot called Pi, recently released by the company Inflection AI, started by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman in 2022. Inflection AI is working on a variety of machine learning and generative Read More

2023 eHealthcare Awards Honor Outstanding Digital Healthcare Communications


Winners of the 24th Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced on November 5, at a special Awards Presentation held during the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC). The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize outstanding health websites and digital initiatives, highlighting the role of digital communications in achieving healthcare organizations’ business objectives. This leading awards program draws approximately 1,000 entries annually. It exclusively recognizes Read More

4 Tips for Maintaining HIPAA Compliance and Managing Online Tracking Risks


Digital marketing got a lot riskier when HHS rolled out its “Use of Online Tracking Technologies by HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates” bulletin last December. What steps should you take to manage the risks? Change often feels like the only constant in the world of healthcare marketing. And oh, what a year of change! Read More

Overcoming Your Digital Challenges With Effective Change Management


How is it possible that a health system operating in four U.S. states and three countries in Central and South America with 50,000 employees would be invisible to search engines — unless you searched on it by name? Take cardiology for example. CHRISTUS Health has a 100-bed heart hospital in Tyler, Texas. It is the Read More

HIPAA Compliance FAQs: Your Guide to Healthcare Data Protection

Josh Kinney,

Have questions about how to manage tracking technologies in light of HHS/OCR guidance? So do your peers. Here are some answers from two technology leaders. “When HHS and OCR opened up a huge can of worms last December, they created some chaos in the universe of healthcare marketers who work for entities covered by HIPAA,” Read More

A Recipe for Success: Leveraging Market Research Insights to Support Patients


On a journey to “future proof” its marketing, Fresenius Kidney Care started in the most unlikely of places: recipes. As with any chronic illness, diet dramatically affects a patient’s success. But a kidney disease-friendly diet has more restrictions and requirements than most. One in seven U.S. adults have kidney disease, and one in three don’t Read More

How Your Health System Website Can Be Your Best Digital Salesperson


Against a backdrop of rapidly emerging digital marketing tools, the venerable website deserves as much attention as ever. Your website should be your best salesperson. It’s often the first point of contact with your company’s products and services for the majority of potential customers. Anything from a Google search to a radio ad or a Read More

Answering the Call for Growth Through Data-Enabled Solutions


Never before has the role of the healthcare marketing leader been more crucial to health system performance. Following waves of COVID, the resulting depletion of both operational capacity and emotional stamina forced health systems to grapple with the brutal combination of rising costs and diminishing access. The ensuing reductions in staffing and closing of services Read More

Digital Ethnography Sheds New Light on Online Patient Behavior


How well do you really understand your target audience? Whether that’s patients, prospective employees, donors, or any other stakeholders you want to reach and influence, it’s easy to make incorrect assumptions about why they behave the way they do. In the digital realm, social listening tools help organizations hear what people say online, and analyze Read More

ChatGPT Prompt Writing: Best Practices to Get the Results You Need


There’s no question that ChatGPT possesses power that users are only beginning to understand. Unleashing its potential in your healthcare marketing strategy starts with learning how to craft strong prompts. Writing is one of the most important business functions. And now, any savvy AI user can produce coherent writing with a few keystrokes. But there’s Read More

5 Ways to Measure Marketing Growth Beyond Tracking Pixels


Health system marketing is more than gathering marketing pixel data — it’s about creating measurable business growth that offers real value and builds long-term loyalty. Amid the turbulence of healthcare privacy reforms, marketers are caught up in a tug of war between adherence and effectiveness. While debates about tracking pixels, OCR’s guidance, and evolving state Read More

HCIC 2023 Preview: Come for the Comradery, Leave with Fresh Inspiration


This year in Los Angeles. Last year in Miami. HCIC spans the country the same way it covers the digital healthcare landscape — coast to coast and end to end. #HCIC23, the latest edition of the must-attend conference for digital healthcare marketers, promises to showcase the industry’s best practices and get attendees up to speed Read More

Can AI Technology Help Prevent Gun Violence at Hospitals?

Sam Alaimo

Any location can become the scene of mass carnage — even a hospital. An AI-powered technology solution that aims to prevent deadly incidents has recently caught the attention of hospitals and health systems looking to improve the safety of patients and providers. Providers in U.S. hospitals have to deal with the results of gun violence Read More

Navigating the AI Road Ahead: 5 Themes From MAICON 2023


With AI in full swing, healthcare marketers must learn to navigate a whole new world of challenges, opportunities, and uncertainty. We asked Amanda Todorovich, executive director of digital marketing at Cleveland Clinic, to share her impressions from Marketing AI Institute’s annual conference, MAICON 2023, held July 26-28. Here’s what she said: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Read More

4 Ways to Improve the Digital Experience for Black and Minority People

Althea Fung

Althea Fung learned an important lesson about her healthcare needs during a dermatologist visit as a young adult. During a discussion about dry skin, the dermatologist asked Fung, who is Black and wears dreadlocks, about her hair care routine. She responded that she washes her hair about every three weeks. After years of experience maintaining Read More

What Will Marketing Look Like in a 5G World?

Bob Davis

The new generation of mobile communications networks isn’t quite here yet, but it’s coming, and marketers need to get ready for it. The advent of 5G, or 5th generation mobile network, will continue to fuel the meteoric rise of mobile communications that has taken place over the past two decades. In a session at the Read More

The Wild West of AI: Opportunities Abound, But Proceed with Caution

Sujal Raju

Have large language models like ChatGPT finally catapulted us into a world where machines and humans can work collaboratively, each doing what suits them best? The conventional wisdom is that we should all “work at the top of our license” — whatever that is in our own context — spending less time on repetitive, rote Read More

5 Major Risks AI Poses for Healthcare

Chris Hemphill

Boston Children’s recently posted a job description for an AI prompt engineer to join its Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator. The ideal candidate needs a “strong background in AI/ML, data science, and natural language processing, as well as experience in healthcare research and operations.” This came only months after the November 2022 release of ChatGPT, Read More

What Drives Success for Today’s Healthcare Digital Teams?

Margo Schneider

As digital teams take on more and more strategic responsibilities, leaders step forward to complement staff they have in place by recruiting additional talent and collaborating closely with strategy, information systems, and clinical operations to help achieve success and establish more rigorous leadership development. Three panelists presented on the digital teams of the future at Read More

Intermountain Health’s Digital Rebrand Fueled by AI and Data-Driven Solutions


With a massive digital rebrand in the works, data has become a critical component to maintaining Intermountain Health’s mission. When Intermountain Health decided to embark on a rebrand, it was about more than finding a new logo design — it was about transforming into a brand that truly represents the organization’s core. “Although we have Read More

Gen Z’s Innovative Approach to Healthcare: 5 Ways to Attract and Engage Them


The healthcare industry is in the midst of a transformation, and Generation Z is leading the charge. This new generation, born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, is challenging traditional notions of healthcare and redefining what it means to be healthy. They are turning to innovative solutions, and they are “life hacking” healthcare to create experiences Read More

How to Maximize Clinic Capacity by Leveraging CRM

HonorHealth logo

“What does deep-sea fishing have in common with CRM?” asks Craig Kartchner, AVP of marketing and customer experience at HonorHealth. In a new article, he explores the unexpected parallels between the two and discusses how healthcare marketers can leverage CRM to maximize clinic capacity. He describes the scenario like this: “Years ago, a friend of Read More

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