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Trendwatch: New Research Examines the Latest Digital Customer Experience Trends in Marketing

Salesforce chart image from their "State of Marketing" 8th edition report

In an era of heightened patient expectations and evolving consumer behaviors, the digital customer experience has emerged as a critical component in healthcare marketing, playing a pivotal role in delivering personalized care, enhancing patient satisfaction, and driving organizational growth. Slowly but surely, leaders of healthcare organizations are recognizing the strategic value that marketing brings to Read More

Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing: Why It Needs Both Big Data and Thick Data


Healthcare marketers should no longer overlook the powerful qualities of qualitative or “thick” data that delivers rich, deep insights and meaning that quantitative data often can’t provide. Instead, healthcare organizations should aim to develop a data-driven healthcare marketing strategy that integrates both big data and thick data to unlock new opportunities for growth. Some readers Read More

Mobile vs. Desktop: Designing Healthcare Websites for the Modern User

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In the ever-evolving landscape of wireless technology, mobile devices have emerged as a dominant force, transforming the way we access information and services. As mobile healthcare takes center stage in the wireless era, healthcare marketers are modernizing their strategies to cater to the growing demand for mobile experiences and meet evolving consumer expectations. Today, according Read More

Healthcare Marketing on TikTok: How to Optimize Content for Your Audience

Headshot of Craig Fairfield. He is wearing a navy blue shirt and crossing his arms.

You might scoff at the idea of launching a healthcare marketing campaign on TikTok. But the truth is, your audience is there and waiting to hear from you. Melanie Graham recently sat down with two marketing experts to learn how to optimize content for this massively popular platform. “I’ll admit, I’m a TikTok skeptic,” she Read More

Tech-Enabled Appointment Management Solution Improves Efficiency and Access


Let’s face it. Demand for medical services today exceeds supply, partly driven by the nationwide shortage of physicians and nurses. Appointments for even the most basic services are often available weeks, if not months, into the future. For specialty care, wait times can be much longer. With these dynamics, providing timely care for patients is Read More

How Digital Innovation is Transforming Patient Care at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

Kishore Reddipeta-Stanford Medicine Children

The web and mobile transformation initiatives at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health focus on enhancing the experience for patients and families by providing digital tools at every touchpoint throughout their care. Stanford Medicine Children’s Health was one of four health-related organizations to receive the Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award at the 23rd Annual eHealthcare Leadership Read More

AI Tools You Need to Boost Your Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

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As hospitals and health systems seek to expand their digital presence, they are increasingly turning to AI-powered tools to enhance their social media marketing strategies. So, is your organization staying on top of the AI trends? You’ve likely already experienced this scenario. You sidle up to your computer, scroll to ChatGPT, and type in a Read More

HIPAA Compliance and Online Tracking: New Guidance for Healthcare Marketers


“In December 2022, the Office of Civil Rights put the hammer down, shoring up HIPAA regulations to cover online tracking technologies that could compromise consumer privacy. Healthcare marketers must take a proactive role in responding,” writes James A. Gardner. “Healthcare marketing is full of important acronyms, but HIPAA — the federal Health Insurance Portability and Read More

Trendwatch: Latest Mobile Design Trends for Healthcare in 2023

Gregg Shanefelt

Like mobile devices, mobile design is always on the move, constantly adapting to consumer expectations and technology capabilities. We’ve seen trends like M-Dot come and go, followed by responsive design, adaptive design, mobile-first, and device-agnostic design. The crossover year — when mobile usage of the internet overtook desktop usage for the first time — was Read More

ChatGPT and the Future of AI in Healthcare Communication

Avishek Pal

Is AI the new normal in healthcare communication? When ChatGPT was released to the public in November 2022, it gained more than a million users within five days. Since then, there are already more than 100 million users worldwide, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history. In this brave new world of ChatGPT, most Read More

CRM Success in Healthcare: Integration and Automation

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The rapid, COVID-driven pace of innovation that some saw as the pandemic’s silver lining is slowing down. As we pick up where we left off, we see that some of the challenges that were dogging provider organizations before the onset of the pandemic are still there. CRM is one example. Many healthcare organizations that have Read More

How Predictive Search Can Improve the Consumer Online Experience

Jonathan Adams

Predictive search can help your health system’s website be quicker, easier, and more accurate for consumers. Couple that with voice recognition technology and you can help make your website more valuable and accessible to more people than ever. Thanks to new tools and technology, you can make that happen in weeks. To get good search Read More

Healthcare Marketing to the Hispanic Community: A Growing Market Segment

Daniel Sokol

The Hispanic population is growing, and so is its buying power. How will your health system meet their needs? Hispanics are the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing population in the United States. Since 1970 — when Hispanics made up 5 percent of the population (about 9.6 million), the Hispanic population has grown more than sixfold. It’s Read More

How Brand Journalism Can Take Your Healthcare Marketing to a New Level


If your healthcare marketing strategy doesn’t include brand journalism, you may be missing out on powerful ways to connect with your audience and build long-term trust with your organization. The internet is inundated with blogs on every medical ailment known to man. Content from medical experts matters — especially in a climate of healthcare misinformation Read More

Healthcare Content Hub Strategy: Giving Users What They Want

Amy Stevens

As a healthcare marketer, how do you create content that is relevant to your audience and meets their specific needs? Content marketers know that a well-told story can leave an indelible mark on the reader. It can make seemingly boring topics engaging and highlight connections between disparate groups. In the past, marketers would have to Read More

4 Essential Content Marketing Books for Healthcare Marketers


Content marketing should be an essential part of any healthcare organization’s marketing efforts. A good content marketing program can help you generate organic search results that let you build awareness, educate the market, and drive volume to your website. If you’re building a content marketing library for yourself or your staff, you may wonder what Read More

How OSU Wexner Consolidated Its Multi-Site Content Into a Single Mega Site


Ohio State Wexner Medical Center faced a challenge. It wanted to combine blog content and news from several high-performing system websites into a single mega site called Ohio State Health & Discovery. But much of the content it planned to use had earned high rankings in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP), including many placements Read More

New Year, New Outlook: 7 Trends Expected to Shape Healthcare in 2023

Sondra Brown

Now that 2023 is officially underway, it’s a good time to examine the various trends expected to shape the healthcare industry this year. Hospital and health system digital marketing teams will face significant headwinds in 2023, but they will have many opportunities to rise to the occasion as they have done many times in the Read More

The Power of Showing Empathy in Your Healthcare Marketing Content

In today’s climate of diminishing trust in institutions, how do you attract patients in a way that both highlights your organization’s services and builds longlasting trust with your healthcare brand? “Of all the marketing tips for healthcare, the most important (and simplest) one is this: express empathy,” says Wendy Margolin in a new article. “Empathy Read More

Leveraging Data Analytics to Prove the Value of Your Healthcare Marketing

Why travel by horse and buggy when you can drive a Tesla? That’s the metaphor used by three presenters at a recent conference to explain how MedStar Health went from the dark ages of measurement to a souped-up analytics platform that enables insightful, actionable, and easy-to-understand reporting. Ben Waxman, president of Tessellati, LLC, jokes that Read More

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