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Healthcare Logistics: Delivering Medical Essentials Via Drone

Keller Rinaudo, co-founder and CEO of Zipline

What does a healthcare logistics company that’s had success distributing medical supplies to remote healthcare facilities in rural Africa have to offer large, technologically advanced, geographically distributed health systems in the U.S.? Plenty. Zipline, whose mission is “to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies,” developed a system for delivery Read More

How Data and Analytics Can Help You Achieve Your Population Health Goals

Robert Perkins, director of outreach services for Intermountain Healthcare

Physician liaison and outreach departments should focus on more than volume growth and instead use data and analytics to help hospitals and health systems achieve their population health objectives. That, in turn, will help make outreach departments indispensable to senior leadership as they work to guide their organizations out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Intermountain Healthcare Read More

Using a CRM To Build a Multilayered Campaign at Johns Hopkins

Suzanne Sawyer, senior vice president and chief marketing communications officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Connecting the dots. That’s the value provided by a customer relationship management (CRM) database, a tool health system marketing and communications leaders increasingly use to deliver precision marketing to consumers and calculate accurate return on investment (ROI). Yet having a CRM is only one part of the digital marketing puzzle. Hospitals experiencing the highest level Read More

Consumers Now Control the Healthcare Marketing Experience

Kathy Divis, president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

It’s time to stop thinking about marketing as two separate components — traditional vs. digital — and blend the best tactics of each discipline. “Tradigital” combines the best of both strategies and is redefining healthcare marketing today. That is the message of healthcare marketing consultants Kathy Divis, president and co-founder, Greystone.Net, and Rob Klein, founder Read More

What Does Telehealth Look Like After the Pandemic?

Jennifer Humbert, AVP of telemedicine development and virtual inpatient monitoring, Ochsner CareConnect 360

When the pandemic blocked the normal channels of consumer access to healthcare, physicians’ groups, hospitals, and health systems around the country scrambled to establish or expand their telehealth capabilities. The question is, what happens next? What is the roadmap to scale and improve telehealth while the pandemic still rages, and what is the plan when Read More

COVID Has Pushed Technology, Including Chatbots, to the Forefront

“There’s no doubt that recent circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have reshaped the way hospitals and healthcare facilities connect with their patients,” says James Ramey of DeviceBits. “Shelter-in-place ordinances and stay-at-home mandates have forced many provider organizations to rely on technologies like chatbots and knowledge management tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) with machine learning (ML) to Read More

How Are Healthcare Organizations Preparing for a Post-COVID World?

Jenny Walker, director of digital engagement at CHRISTUS Health

Today’s environment is incredibly challenging for healthcare leaders, as the pressures and changes brought by COVID-19 have impacted the way they plan and implement marketing/communications within their organizations. Many have been asked to “do more with less,” but what does this mean? And how can organizations prepare for a post-COVID future rife with unknowns? Jenny Read More

Inherent (and Dangerous) Racism in Medical Algorithms

“In 2019, Optum’s medical algorithms were flagged for underestimating the needs of the sickest Black patients in its system,” writes Ndome Yvonne Essoka. “Hospitals and insurers all over the country use these algorithms daily to make healthcare decisions for hundreds of millions of Americans in the U.S. each year. The error highlighted flaws within healthcare Read More

Turning a Chatbot Into a Lifeline During COVID-19

Richard Rinaudot, digital marketing director for Adventist HealthCare

When Adventist HealthCare, a three-hospital system based in Gaithersburg, Maryland deployed a chatbot on its website in late 2018, it did so to connect with two distinct audiences. First, it asked the chatbot to give moms-to-be answers to their pregnancy and childbirth-related questions. Next, Adventist used the chatbot to provide customer support for the August Read More

How To Scale Your Telemedicine Program

Annie Haarmann, senior director of healthcare strategy,

COVID-19 brought about the explosion of telemedicine for obvious reasons — quick and convenient access between patient and provider, maintaining patient load to prevent appointment cancellations, and — most important — safety for both patients and providers. “Why would I want to go to a doctor’s office now if I don’t have to?” is today’s Read More

Healthcare Technology Gets a Pandemic-Related Boost

Dave Wieneke, healthcare innovation leader at PK

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced hospitals and health systems to quickly adopt new technology that has changed how Americans receive healthcare. One change has been a dramatic increase in the adoption of telehealth, says Dave Wieneke, healthcare innovation leader at PK, an international experience engineering firm. One large telehealth provider, Wieneke says, talked of experiencing Read More

Video Is on the Rise in the Post-COVID World


In Part I of a special two-article series for eHST, Dan Dunlop and Jared Johnson discussed a phased approach to marketing during the peak of the crisis and a plan for coming out of it. In Part II of the series, they discuss some of the new opportunities that are emerging during a time of Read More

Solving the Problem of Getting Timely Info to Physicians

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office, you’re familiar with the ribbon — the horizontal toolbar at the top of the document loaded with icons that make it easy for users to change things like fonts, formatting, colors, layouts, and alignment with a single click. Now take that same concept and drop it into the electronic Read More

What Digital Marketers Should Take Away from 2020

Andy Gradel, director of Digital Marketing, Wolters Kluwer

“It’s hard to believe we’re only seven months into 2020, which has brought us enough twists and turns to last a decade,” says Andy Gradel, director of digital marketing for Wolters Kluwer, Health. “From a global pandemic and coast-to-coast protests over police practices to a presidential impeachment and even murder hornets, the 24-hour news cycle Read More

Use Your Data To Drive Patient Acquisition and Retention

“More than ever, today’s consumers are conducting research online before making healthcare decisions,” says Andrew Rainey of Binary Fountain. “Organizations need to work harder — and smarter — to provide exceptional patient experiences reflected in their brand’s online reputation, to ensure that patients choose them for their healthcare needs.” Here’s an excerpt from Rainey’s new Read More

Boots on the Ground: How One Marketing Team Has Been Coping with COVID

Pam Landis, vice president of digital engagement, Hackensack Meridian Health

COVID-19 has challenged the American health system. As the disease spread across the country infecting more than a million people, hospitals jumped into action to save lives and minimize the virus’ spread. Part of that lifesaving care has been happening outside of the hospital grounds — it’s happening in the homes of the marketing and Read More

Restarting Elective Procedures in an Orderly and Efficient Way

Hitting the pause button on elective procedures has resulted in deep financial losses across all U.S. health systems, and they now face immense pressure to recover financially, as quickly as possible. In Ohio, nonessential elective procedures stopped on March 18 and didn’t reopen until May 1. Even now, only elective procedures that do not require Read More

New Technology Provides Real Solutions In Real Time

Unity Stoakes, co-founder, president, and managing partner of StartUp Health

The COVID-19 pandemic brought health system leaders a myriad of brand-new questions, and precious little time to find solutions. How can we effectively triage COVID-19 patients? How can we predict COVID-19’s impact on our health system going forward? How can we estimate our capacity for elective surgeries and other vital services when the time comes? Read More

Where Do We Go From Here? Community Ties Are Vital.

Jean Hitchcock, president of Hitchcock Marketing and Communications

If there’s a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is that there appears to be renewed respect between communities and the hospitals that serve them. “A lot of healthcare providers have suffered from the loss of their leading roles in their communities,” says Jean Hitchcock, president of Hitchcock Marketing and Communications in Woodstock, Read More

This Is Telehealth’s Moment: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Jeff Sargent, director of virtual health at Connecticut Children’s

As healthcare consumers nationwide are still being urged to stay home when possible, the surge in demand for virtual visits has provider organizations nationwide scrambling to scale up telehealth capabilities if they have them — or stand them up if not. What does it take to completely change the way you deliver care, practically overnight? Read More

Pregnancy Prep Classes Move Online During Pandemic

Debbie Young, customer relations manager at InJoy

Not long after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 hit the United States, hospitals began to cancel on-site programs and events, particularly those for at-risk populations. Expectant mothers are among the group of people considered to be vulnerable to the coronavirus because their immune system is compromised while they’re pregnant. According to the CDC: “Pregnant Read More

How To Start Pivoting Back to Service-Line Marketing

Dan Dunlop, Jennings

“Right now, our hospitals and health systems are facing far more than a public health crisis; they are facing a financial crisis that could threaten their very survival,” say Dan Dunlop of Jennings and healthcare branding specialist Jared Johnson. Here’s an excerpt from their new article: COVID-19 may be with us for a while, but Read More

You’re Getting a Lot of COVID-Related Traffic. Here’s What To Do With It.

“Healthcare doesn’t stop, especially in a crisis,” notes David Sturtz of Geonetric. “Healthcare marketers need to deliver timely, accurate information now more than ever. There’s no doubt Google is a key player in your communication strategy.” Here’s an excerpt from his new article for us: As you think about how to work with Google, there Read More

Technology That Allows Patients To Self-Triage

Dave Wieneke is the healthcare innovation director at PK

“We are living in a world already changed,” says Dave Wieneke, healthcare innovation director at PK. “Unlike even 60 days ago, we face a new imperative to embrace social distancing to save lives and preserve clinical capacity. If history has taught us anything, it’s that times of crisis drive innovation.” Here’s an excerpt from Wieneke’s Read More

Telemedicine Is a Lifeline During COVID-19 Pandemic

Puneet Maheshwari, CEO and co-founder of DocASAP

As COVID-19 creates chaos throughout the U.S. healthcare system, caring for people with other illnesses and routine provider appointments presents a challenge. Scheduled appointments or wellness visits are being canceled because of social distancing mandates or state lockdowns, and providers aren’t sure how or when to accept new patients. Patients with chronic illnesses who can’t Read More

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