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Why a Customized Online Consumer Experience Is Essential

Carrie Liken, head of healthcare industry at Yext

“Personalization has been creeping into our lives over the past 5 to 10 years. It’s gotten even more intense with the release of the iPhone,” says Carrie Liken, head of industry for healthcare at Yext. “No two smartphone home screens are the same.” Here’s an excerpt from Liken’s new eHST article: Starbucks has personalized our Read More

Are You Making the Most of Your Referral Opportunities?

Jane Weber Brubaker

If you wear glasses, you probably remember putting them on for the first time. Everything was in focus! The difference was probably startling – all those details you couldn’t see before became crystal clear. The right technology tool can empower you in a similar way. You can see things more clearly, and the before-and-after makes Read More

Healthcare Website Accessibility: Factors to Consider

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law 29 years ago, covers much more than ramps and rails. Today, accessibility includes the internet and the digital accommodations required for people with vision, hearing, speech, cognitive, or mobility impairments. More than 56 million Americans live with a disability. Ensuring that your website is easily navigated Read More

What Consumers Really Want From the Healthcare Experience

Each month, NRC Health surveys American consumers about their healthcare experiences and preferences. And every month, the data seems to point to the same conclusion: Consumers want healthcare organizations to stop acting like healthcare organizations. The NRC survey polls more than 500,000 Americans and 100-plus healthcare CEOs. It also includes more than 300 face-to-face interviews Read More

Digital Marketers: Learn the Art of Failing Fast

Chris Pace, senior director of digital marketing at Banner Health

Marketing teams frequently ask how to structure teams, develop leaders, and address consumers. In our new article by Jared Johnson, Chris Pace, senior director of digital marketing at Banner Health, shares his perspective on how to overcome these common challenges and win as a team. Here’s an excerpt: eHST: In general, where should healthcare marketers Read More

Keys To Optimizing Smart Healthcare

Sachin Kalra is vice president, client partner - Mobile & IoT at Infostretch Corporation

“As the journey toward 5G networks continues, smart healthcare applications empowered by it have the potential to revolutionize the way patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and others in the healthcare ecosystem engage,” says Sachin Kalra, vice president, client partner – Mobile & IoT at Infostretch Corporation, a digital-first professional services firm based in Santa Read More

Marketing Strategies That Serve Public Health Initiatives

Kate Gillmer, digital engagement specialist, Jennings

A 2011 survey conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) found that 85 percent of physicians believe unmet social needs lead to worse health for all Americans. Yet only 20 percent of physicians feel confident or very confident in their ability to address social determinants of health that impact their patients’ health and well-being. Read More

Learn By Example To Improve the Customer Experience

Venkatesh Korla, CEO of Element Solutions

Regular readers of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends are likely familiar with the exciting advances in digital patient care and communications. Whether it’s improved chatbot experiences, personalized websites, or new uses for smart technology, healthcare is making some notable progress in how it delivers the patient experience. But when comparing this industry to others, healthcare can Read More

Is Video Right for You? Three Ways To Tell.

Denise Roberts McKee, chief story strategist, About Face Media

You see them everywhere — on TV, social media, billboards, and even your doctor’s waiting room. Videos. It’s no surprise that many organizations are turning to videos to connect to consumers. Insivia, an Ohio-based marketing agency, reports that viewers retain 95 percent of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10 Read More

Site Redesign Focuses on Accessibility for All

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Home Page Screen Capture

When you consider accessibility at a hospital or clinic, the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network in Boston, Massachusetts, is an excellent example. The buildings where patients receive treatment are easily accessed by people of all abilities, and the staff works hard to accommodate everyone who steps through Spaulding’s doors. But accessibility is about more than just the Read More

How To Get More (and Better) Patient Reviews

Jane Weber Brubaker

Where does patient experience begin and end? Think about it from your own perspective. Say you’ve had knee pain for a few weeks and it’s not going away. You go online and research possible causes. Based on your research, you decide to see an orthopedist for an evaluation. You start looking for a doctor near Read More

How To Create the Experiences Your Customers Expect and Want

Piedmont Healthcare Logo with margin

In our new Ask the Expert column by Jared Johnson, Matt Gove, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare and eHealthcare Strategy and Trends editorial advisory board member, shares his perspectives on how healthcare marketing teams can create the experiences consumers expect. Here’s an excerpt: eHST: In general, where should healthcare marketers be focused today, and Read More

What Goes Into a Well-Designed Healthcare Site?

eHealthcare Leadership Awards

The call for entries for the 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Awards is officially open! Every year around this time, we pick one of our award categories and look back at the prior year’s winners to see what the judges thought they did right — and what they could do even better. In our new story, we Read More

Personalization Leads To Richer Donor Experiences

Jane Weber Brubaker

If you read any of the 2019 trends articles at the beginning of the year, chances are personalization was one of the “hot trends to watch.” But what exactly does personalization look like in a healthcare organization? If you ask 10 people, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. One thing is certain: It’s more Read More

Building the Children’s Hospital of the Future

Medical University of South Carolina - MUSC Children's Health

How do you build the children’s hospital of the future? Start by asking family members, patients, clinicians, and other healthcare providers what they want. That is exactly what MUSC Health did when designing MUSC’s new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital set to open in October 2019. More than 20 different committees comprising hospital staff, physicians, nurses, Read More

Survey: Healthcare Mobile Traffic Now Exceeding Desktop Traffic

Michael Schneider, executive vice president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

“Digital marketing in healthcare is in the midst of an evolution, with some revealing trends, including a mixed view of customer relationship management (CRM) and emerging technologies, according to the 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals report,” writes Jared Johnson, eHST board member and host of the Healthcare Rap podcast. The report, administered Read More

Technology’s Impact on Patient Care and Delivery of Services

Matthew Holt

Technology is drastically changing how we live. This is particularly evident in healthcare, where technology like wearable devices such as Apple Watch give users updates on their health in real time. That same technology is opening up new avenues for healthcare organizations to connect with chronically ill patients. The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Read More

The Key to Providing a Good Chatbot Experience

Brian Gresh, president of Loyal

Chatbots — a computer program or artificial intelligence (AI) that has text or voice conversations — are redefining customer service, especially in healthcare. A 2017 Juniper Research study found that healthcare providers that use chatbots can expect average time savings of just over four minutes per inquiry, with average cost savings in the range of Read More

SEO Management Tips from Bozeman Health

Joshua Francis, webmaster and digital strategy at Bozeman Health

Bozeman Health is a rural health system serving southwest Montana, with two hospitals, 20 clinics, and 150 providers. “Montana is an interesting puzzle when it comes to healthcare because we are about 90 percent of the size of California with about a million people,” says Joshua Francis, Bozeman Health’s webmaster and digital strategist. (California’s population Read More

Duke Health’s Ongoing Consumer Website Revitalization

Debbe Geiger, director of content strategy, Duke Health, with Chad Roberts, UX designer, Duke Health

It’s been more than five years since Duke Health relaunched its consumer website (, but the redesign process is far from over. “We planned for our website to evolve into an engaging user experience as we learned more about our audience, who they are, and why they’re coming to our site,” says Debbe Geiger, director Read More

Emerging Ethical Challenges for Healthcare Marketers

Clockwise from top left, Danny Fell, Karen Corrigan, David Feinberg, Greg Green

Daniel Fell, president and CEO of ndp, recently moderated the panel presentation Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World held at the 2018 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Panel members include Karen Corrigan, founder and CEO of Corrigan Consulting; David Feinberg, chief marketing officer at Mount Sinai Health System in Read More

7 Smart Podcasts for Healthcare Marketers

Jane Weber Brubaker

What is it about podcasts that makes the good ones so fun to listen to? Here’s what we think: It’s the same reason you wind up sitting in your parked car, having arrived at your destination, so you can hear the end of a great story on NPR. It’s real. It’s in-depth. It’s not just Read More

Align Your Technology Goals with Customer Demands

Chris Riegger, COO, Modea

Digital experience isn’t just digital anymore. It’s not enough to build a great new website, or launch a mobile app. Your digital initiatives have to connect with and support the entire customer experience. That’s what consumers have grown to expect. It’s not good enough to optimize some parts of the customer journey for the 21st Read More

StartUp Health Takes Aim at “Moonshots”

Steven Krein, CEO and co-founder of StartUp Health

Every year, thousands of investors and healthcare industry leaders descend on San Francisco for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. It’s a huge, four-day event that brings together start-ups, large corporations, providers, and pharmaceutical companies. But down the street, while the J.P. Morgan conference is just getting started, another community of healthcare innovators gathers to Read More

Is there a Place for AI in the Healthcare Consumer Experience?

Julia Stead, vice president of marketing at Invoca

The Innovators, Walter Isaacson’s follow-up to his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs, is a history of the development of computers and the internet, and the creative minds behind them. The book closes with a chapter about artificial intelligence (AI) and a discussion of whether it will ever be equal to human intelligence. In the end, Read More

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