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Providence’s DexCare Platform Streamlines Access for Patients and Providers


Who best to solve a complex problem than someone who’s repeatedly felt its sting? That’s what leaders at Providence learned, and now their commercialization of the resulting platform, DexCare, is on track to help other healthcare organizations be discovered and match the right care with the right provider and modality at the right time.

8 Steps to Develop and Launch a Successful Healthcare Podcast

Rachel Baker

More than a third of the U.S. population regularly consumed podcasts in 2022. Should you/your organization start a podcast? “When I decided to start a podcast in 2022, I was looking for new ways to promote our physicians’ research,” writes Rachel Baker in a new article. “I also knew from a recent pulse survey that Read More

Healthcare Digital Transformation: 9 Key Elements for Success


AMCs are places where the quest for knowledge intertwines seamlessly with the commitment to healing. At the heart of every Academic Medical Center (AMC) beats a rhythm of innovation and progress. Now, overlay a complex digital ecosystem, where innovation is the currency of progress. In this dynamic landscape there’s a formidable challenge looming on the Read More

The 2024 eHealthcare Leadership Awards Are Open—Submit Your Entries Today!


This year marks the silver anniversary of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Join us as we celebrate 25 years of industry innovation and honor your accomplishments from the past year. The Call for Entries is officially open! The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize outstanding health websites and digital initiatives, highlighting the role of digital communications in achieving Read More

Strategic Web Consolidation: How Michigan Medicine Streamlined Its Digital Presence


In a time when digital presence is paramount, many healthcare organizations may face the challenge of maintaining a cohesive online identity. At Michigan Medicine, the academic medical center of the University of Michigan, departments across the medical school, research facilities, and health centers developed independent websites to communicate externally. But without a centralized governance structure, Read More

Newly Updated HHS Guidance: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know


The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has just offered its first update to its 2022 guidance on online tracking technologies and HIPAA compliance. The guidance gives some reassurance and some red flags for healthcare marketers when it comes to tracking technologies, sharing consumer data, and maintaining HIPAA compliance. Its original guidance in Read More

Integrating Generative AI Into Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy


AI is a fast-moving train. Innovative health systems are jumping on board, testing new tools, and finding new use cases. Generative AI revolutionizes marketing and communications, offering unprecedented opportunities for customer engagement and personalization. According to a survey from, a generative AI chatbot company, 73 percent of marketing departments use generative AI to produce Read More

Does Your Hospital or Health System Website Align with Your Brand?


When your website doesn’t reflect who you are today, it’s time for a change. Connecticut Children’s launched its new website in January. “The last time we had a major overhaul was in 2017, so in website years, that is ancient in many ways,” says Christina DiBona, marketing director. She describes the old site’s navigation as Read More

Privacy-First Healthcare Marketing: What it Means and Who Should Be Involved


What does it really mean to embrace a privacy-first communications approach? That’s just one of the many questions we wanted to answer during a recent webinar, Privacy-First: How to Ensure Your Healthcare Marketing Aligns with HIPAA. This webinar was presented on February 1, 2024 by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. The panel discussion explored safer ways Read More

How Top Healthcare Organizations Use Rich Media to Attract and Engage Patients


Each year, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognizes excellence in healthcare digital marketing. The 2023 awards ceremony was held in November at HCIC in Los Angeles, and throughout this year, we showcase award-winning entries. Best Rich Media is one of 30 categories healthcare organizations and their agencies could enter. According to Google, “Rich media is a digital Read More

Strategic Repurposing: How to Get the Most Out of Your Content


Hospitals and healthcare organizations produce an astounding amount of content. Thousands of blog posts, service line pages, emails, social media posts and other collateral probably come out of your department every year. But knowing these stats makes all your efforts and content production worth it: 77 percent of health searches begin online. 95 percent of Read More

9 Pitfalls of Digital Advertising

Jared Johnson

The opportunities of digital advertising are practically limitless, but it takes a disciplined approach to strategy to make the most of it. Who isn’t a fan of digital advertising? Using online channels to reach your target audience is a fundamental part of most marketing programs; it just makes sense given the amount of time consumers Read More

Where Does CRM Stand in Addressing Today’s Healthcare Challenges?

Bob Cummings

The high cost and amount of churn in the healthcare CRM market have had many marketing leaders wondering if the huge investment they made was worth it. And those who still shop for the right solution wonder where to turn. But the need for flexible solutions that meet organizational needs has never been greater, as Read More

Geisinger and Henry Ford Health Leverage Epic Cheers to Fuel Marketing Efforts

Nithin Sathyamoorthy

Epic is the dominant player in electronic health records, with U.S. hospital market share of 35.9 percent, according to May 2023 research from KLAS, reported by Becker’s. This figure represents 47.6 percent of beds — nearly double that of Epic’s closest competitor, Oracle Cerner (25.8 percent), which gained hospitals but lost beds year over year. Read More

Set Your Healthcare Marketing Up for Success in 2024


2023 was a tough year for healthcare marketers. Budgets were cut, priorities slid in a dozen different directions at once, and tools we’ve used for decades became poisoned chalices locked behind glass by our Security and Compliance teams. 2024 looks like it is going to be a year of recovery: healthier margins, more favorable patient Read More

Practical Uses of AI to Help Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

Jenny Collopy

While there is a lot of noise and hype around AI, healthcare marketers see the benefits of taking a practical approach. Real-world examples can inspire us and showcase AI’s transformative impact on consumer engagement, internal communications, and even healthcare recruitment. Four panelists presented on this topic on eHealthcare Strategy & Trends’ webinar, December 13, 2023. Read More

MU Health Care Elevates Content with Strategic Storytelling


What if you had to reach only one audience with your hospital content? Your communications would be more targeted and powerful. You’d know your audience better and deliver content they’re more likely to read. That’s exactly what the team at MU Health Care in Columbia, Missouri, does with its “Live Healthy” blog and related wellness Read More

Marketing Magic? Virtua Health Integrates CRM Data and Predictive AI to Deliver Targeted Messaging

virtua health-logo

Imagine tracking the direct patient journey from receiving a piece of marketing content to undergoing life-saving surgery. You could measure the direct correlation of your hospital marketing communication team’s effort to improve patient outcomes. It’s every healthcare marketer’s dream — to save lives while also proving your department’s worth. That’s precisely what Virtua Health’s marketing Read More

Lehigh Valley Health Network Leverages Digital Tools to Enhance Organizational Culture


In today’s healthcare environment, enhancing organizational culture has never been more important or challenging. It requires dedicated focus and the need for marketers to adapt to more diverse employee, leader, and physician communication needs. How do you build and maintain a strong organizational culture in a rapidly growing health system? That’s the challenge Lehigh Valley Read More

How TikTok Can Be an Ideal Channel for Hospital Marketing

Jody Ganschinietz

In December 2021, Callista Dammann and Jody Ganschinietz sat in their boss’s office watching a short homemade video on repeat. They were about to attempt what teens and young adults do daily by riding on the coattails of the latest viral TikTok video content. But the stakes were high for these two, serving as senior Read More

6 Ways to Use Generative AI Responsibly


It’s no exaggeration to say 2023 has been the Year of AI — and the use of AI technologies in healthcare marketing is no exception. You can probably rattle off a host of marketing benefits. There are seemingly unlimited new AI tools every day to accelerate strategic priorities and get more work done in less Read More

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