Evidence-Based Design: The Science of Better User Experiences

January 5, 2016

// By Emily Kagan Trenchard //

emily-kagan-trenchard150x150We’re lucky enough to live in an era when design is no longer viewed as decoration. We understand it as a core principle that shapes our everyday interaction—from how we answer the smartphone in our pocket, to how we pay for things with a swipe of a card. We know it in our bones as consumers, and we know it intellectually as marketers.

But that doesn’t always mean we know how to apply the principles of design to our work, or explain its power effectively to our stakeholders. Ours is a world where the science of medicine is the true master, the worker of miracles, and the saver of lives. The science of design is often dismissed as less important.

We need a new way to talk about design in healthcare.

Digital marketers at NorthShore LIJ believe that design, like medicine, is part art and part science. Learn how the health system’s framework for design, usability, and data-driven testing guides decision-making and continuously improves results.

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