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Strategic Web Consolidation: How Michigan Medicine Streamlined Its Digital Presence


In a time when digital presence is paramount, many healthcare organizations may face the challenge of maintaining a cohesive online identity. At Michigan Medicine, the academic medical center of the University of Michigan, departments across the medical school, research facilities, and health centers developed independent websites to communicate externally. But without a centralized governance structure, Read More

Digital Transformation of Michigan Medicine Through Strategic Web Consolidation

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// By Althea Fung // Faced with fragmented digital identities across departments, Michigan Medicine, the academic medical center of the University of Michigan, unified its digital presence, overcoming the lack of centralized governance. Discover how Michigan Medicine streamlined 300 websites into four, unifying its brand identity and enhancing the user experience.

Why Digital Accessibility Is a Crucial Component of Patient Care

“[W]e must acknowledge the unmatched role of hospitals and health systems as caretakers of our communities,” says Keir Bradshaw, executive vice president of MERGE. “Digital accessibility goes beyond mere compliance measures. It’s a way to extend care to the community just as compassionately online as we do on-site.” Read on for an excerpt of Bradshaw’s Read More

Digital Accessibility: Why It Should Be a Matter of Culture, Not Compliance

// By Keir Bradshaw // Statistics paint a realistic picture of why healthcare organizations need to make their websites and other digital assets accessible to those with disabilities. For starters, there’s the fact that disability affects just over one in every four people1 living in U.S. communities. From a pure business perspective, hospitals and health systems simply can’t afford to shut the digital front door on 26 percent of their potential patient populations. Then Read More