How to Maximize Clinic Capacity by Leveraging CRM

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“What does deep-sea fishing have in common with CRM?” asks Craig Kartchner, AVP of marketing and customer experience at HonorHealth. In a new article, he explores the unexpected parallels between the two and discusses how healthcare marketers can leverage CRM to maximize clinic capacity. He describes the scenario like this: “Years ago, a friend of Read More

How to Create a Boatload of Clinic Capacity — and Quickly Fill It

Craig Kartchner

// By Craig Kartchner // What does deep-sea fishing have in common with CRM? To be successful, both require real-time information and open lines of communication. Years ago, a friend of a friend shocked everyone in his circle when he quit his corporate job and decided to become a helicopter pilot. He eventually landed a Read More

CRM Success in Healthcare: Integration and Automation

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The rapid, COVID-driven pace of innovation that some saw as the pandemic’s silver lining is slowing down. As we pick up where we left off, we see that some of the challenges that were dogging provider organizations before the onset of the pandemic are still there. CRM is one example. Many healthcare organizations that have Read More

What It Takes to Achieve CRM Success


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida knew it needed to consolidate its data and technology platforms to make them usable for marketing and to better serve consumers, patients, and internal stakeholders. The rapid, COVID-driven pace of innovation that some saw as the pandemic’s silver lining is slowing down. As we Read More

Where Healthcare CRM Is Headed in 2023 and Beyond

Seth Kaplan

// By Jared Johnson // As CRM has matured, expectations have changed. Digital leaders at HonorHealth discuss the challenges and opportunities, and the importance of close collaboration between strategy and operations to help internal clients achieve success. Marketers at hospitals and health systems have spent the better part of a decade building the business case Read More

Where Healthcare CRM is Headed in 2023 and Beyond

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A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists


  • Seth Kaplan, Director, Marketing & Customer Engagement, HonorHealth
  • Craig Kartchner, AVP of Marketing & Customer Experience, HonorHealth
  • Daniel Quinn, VP of Business Strategy & Analytics, Lionshare

Moderated by:

  • Jared Johnson, Founder and Podcast Producer, Shift Forward Health and member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How buyer decisions for CRM have changed
  • How to evaluate platforms now that there are more choices on the market than ever before
  • How strategy and operations work together to get the most out of a CRM investment
  • How vendors see their platforms evolving over the next 1-2 years
  • How to manage expectations for CRM now that healthcare organizations are facing historically challenging financial pressures

And much more!

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Is it Time to Take Your Digital Health Marketing In-House?

Jennifer Vazales

When you’re ready to make the transition to in-house digital health marketing, finding the right partner is key. Small marketing teams often lean on third-party providers to run their marketing campaigns. As these teams develop skills in digital marketing, they gain the confidence to staff up and bring campaign management in-house. By 2020, VCU Health’s Read More

Does Your Health System Need a Primary Care Reactivation Campaign?

Cheryl Hodgson

Primary care plays a central role in the healthcare delivery system. But the COVID-19 pandemic upended primary care services. As a result, many primary care physicians closed their offices, offered reduced services, or used virtual care services to connect with patients. But when offices began to reopen, patients remained reticent to return. So is a Read More

Optimized Healthcare Marketing: A Fully Integrated and Transparent Funnel

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“I’ve been a healthcare marketer for what seems like a very long time (20 years), with a big chunk of that at Scripps Health in San Diego,” writes Marc Needham, chief growth officer for Combinaut. “Over that very long period, I’ve seen lots of seemingly impossible problems vanish and other problems that seemed easily remedied Read More

Your Digital Front Door – Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Your Digital Front Door – Meeting Consumers Where They Are

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.


  • Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

After this webinar, attendees will be able to answer critical questions, including:

  • What are consumers’ preferred ways to engage with health organizations throughout their journey?
  • How are consumers researching health conditions (and what information your health system needs to be delivering)?
  • How has patient loyalty changed and what are the most important factors as patients are making healthcare choices for every healthcare encounter?
  • What are consumers’ perspectives on personalized digital experiences in an era of greater awareness of the threats to data privacy?

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Healthcare CRM: Leverage Your Existing Data to Drive Patient Activation

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In healthcare, CRM is often referred to as the software itself — as a noun — versus the activity of managing customers — a verb. In some cases, it’s a checkbox for a technology neither mapped to organizational goals nor mapped to driving metrics that matter to the health system. Innovative health systems have started Read More

CRM Is a Verb, Not a Noun

Alan Tam

Ask the Expert, with Alan Tam, Vice President of Marketing, Actium Health // By Jared Johnson // This month’s featured expert believes that CRM implementations in healthcare should deliver on business metrics that matter — revenue growth, cost reduction, patient outcomes, and ROI. In healthcare, CRM is often referred to as the software itself — Read More

Collaboration: The New Gold Standard for Successful Healthcare Organizations

The pandemic had a silver lining. It took a wrecking ball to the walls that have separated internal departments within health systems. Organizations battling COVID-19 had to break down the silos, join forces, and learn to collaborate in new ways. These newly acquired skills are valuable in a post-pandemic world as well.

Health systems that forge internal alliances unleash their collective strengths and leverage competitive strengths to lead their organizations and the industry in innovation and transformation.

This report is a collection of our best articles on the value of collaboration, with interviews from healthcare leaders who have successfully built coalitions, worked across departmental lines, and brought teams together to accomplish what their organizations needed most.

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When Evaluating Effectiveness of Marketing Initiatives, Don’t Stop at ROI


We were intrigued by the first two words of a presentation given by two marketing leaders from Ochsner Health at the 2021 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC): Beyond ROI. Healthcare marketers have learned that provable ROI, or return on investment, helps them make the case for increased investment. But what’s beyond that? So much more, it Read More

Podcasting Made Easy: You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Podcasting Made Easy

Learn how Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital launched a successful podcast, and how it keeps the content pipeline filled.

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.


  • Patrick Moody, Director of Marketing, Public and Community Relations, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Bill Klaproth, Director of Marketing and Production, DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Why podcasting is a valuable marketing platform
  • How to get physician buy-in and participation
  • How to determine the right audience — consumers, referring physicians, or internal staff
  • Which topics to choose — and why
  • How to promote your podcast
  • Best practices for maximum growth, and how to measure success

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Beyond ROI: How Can You Use Your Marketing Data to Understand Patient Needs, Support Operational Growth, and Inform Business Strategy?

Amber Welch, director of digital content for Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // While many health systems struggle to consolidate data that exists in silos, Ochsner Health’s marketing team has succeeded in wrestling its data to the ground. Insights gleaned from the data are revealing opportunities for investment in new strategic growth initiatives. We were intrigued by the first two words of Read More

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