Web Takes … January 2013 Picks

January 1, 2013

UnitedHealthcare: Health Care Lane – Community Center

Health Care Lane was originally launched nearly three years ago and was reviewed in this column in November 2010. Visitors entering the main area are greeted with an aerial view of an idyllic town sur­rounded by rolling hills, blue sky, and a big city in the distance. Birds calling to one another fly over the scene. Large signs identify Main Street, Wellness Days, Drive-In Theater, and a newly added Community Center.

A mouse point on the Community Center brings up a callout that indi­cates that information on healthcare reform can be found in this area. After clicking on the sign, visitors zoom to a page with two options: Health Care Reform Reference Room and City Council Meeting Room.

The first option’s page shows a stack of eight books on their sides with spine titles identifying various healthcare reform topics, such as administrative simplification, lifetime and annual limits, and preventive services. A click on a book brings up the opportunity to view an in­formative and entertaining video of a person named U. Horace Cartwright demystifying healthcare reform. There is also a + sign that someone can click to learn about healthcare reform.

The City Council Meeting is a video of a mayor and four council mem­bers discussing an upcoming Well­ness Days event. Viewers might think the video is a bit corny, but it is a light and funny vignette about wellness and some offbeat topics.

With even the most intelligent and well-read consumers confused about healthcare reform, this site is a valu­able and worthy effort.

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