What Major Forces Are Shaping Healthcare Marketing Today?

April 28, 2015

Ask the Expert with Kathy Divis

Kathy-DivisKathy Divis is President of Greystone.Net and a member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board. In a recent presentation at the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit, she discussed the most significant trends in healthcare marketing—and what hospitals and health systems should do now as a result. We followed up to dig in. This is the first part of that in-depth discussion.

Healthcare is behind many other industries in terms of how we use digital technologies. We simply have to start using digital strategies that have been out there in other industries for years.

We’re seeing more and more of a shift away from just traditional marketing toward either transitioning to or integrating with digital marketing. Where there used to be silos of activity from digital to traditional, they’re now really becoming, I think in the best situations, shared creative, shared editorial, and fully integrated.

And marketing is becoming more technical. It’s becoming less of an art and more of a science. There’s a lot more science, data, and evidence-based rules helping marketers make better decisions these days.

How can health care organizations navigate the shift from traditional to digital, from art to science?

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