How Should We Align Our Hospital Strategy With Generational Shifts and Values?

January 1, 2014

Ask The Expert with Ted Balowski

Ted-BalowskiWith the healthcare Web environment rapidly changing, new technologies are constantly emerging and are being adopted in varying degrees by demographic target groups. Now, four generations have unprecedented access to healthcare information and the providers that deliver it.

According to a 2013 survey by Econsultancy, four in 10 global mar­keters planned to increase their digital marketing budgets during that year, with 39 percent of them seek­ing to reallocate existing budgets to digital channels. But just having a Web strategy and content isn’t enough to engage consumers.

Since consumers in each generation have unique values, traits, and atti­tudes that guide their search for healthcare services, understanding how the different groups consume content that influences their deci­sions is critical for healthcare organi­zations moving forward. Factor in the role of the Internet as just one of the channels used to reach diverse populations, and it’s clear that one brush doesn’t cover them all.

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