Consolidating a Hospital’s Brand Presence on the Web

November 1, 2014

by Ted Balowski

Ted-Balowski2Having an effective Web presence is critically important for a hospital or healthcare organization, but how should that presence appear for a brand with more than one location? Is it a good idea for a brand with multiple locations or offerings to consolidate efforts?

In the past decade, there have been profound changes in the way the hospital industry organizes itself, making it more important than ever to have a strong brand presence. With multiple brands and locations, establishing and maintaining a successful Web effort can be difficult to manage. A single brand presence can build a larger audience by bringing current and potential patients to a single location for all information and transactions.

Consolidating multiple online identities

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network discovered its multiple online identities were not effectively communicating the network’s services to consumers. The multiple sites were not convey- ing all of the benefits of coordinated care among its two community hospitals, more than 30 health centers, and academic medical center.

For usability and manageability, the best way forward lay in consolidating websites and multiple URLs to create one branded community under a single URL, with dedicated landing pages for specific services.

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