COVID Accelerates Enterprise Telehealth Adoption at Nemours Children’s Health

December 5, 2021

// By Marcia Simon, APR // 

Simon-Marcia-Writer-500x500The pandemic changed the dynamics of collaboration in health systems, with clinical and operations teams working side by side with marketing technology and communications departments to coordinate enterprise-wide transformation. 

It wasn’t just any Friday the 13th. It was March 13, 2020 — the day the federal government declared a national emergency due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

Across the country, businesses started to shut down; people started working remotely, and hospitals, including Nemours Children’s Health, had to figure out how to quickly optimize their teams to safely meet the needs of patients and providers.

Rachel Donovan

Rachel Donovan, managing director of enterprise marketing strategy, Nemours Children’s Health

“I’ll never forget that day. My team was told to bring their laptops home, we trained operational support teams, ordered massive amounts of webcams, we had iPads and we were just deploying equipment everywhere. There was no formal process; it was just moving very fast,” says Rachel Donovan, managing director of enterprise marketing strategy at Nemours Children’s.

In a session at the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development’s SHSMD Connections 2021, “Cutting Through the Complexity of Enterprise Telehealth Adoption,” a team from Nemours Children’s shared the system’s journey and how it aligned marketing, clinical operations, and telehealth program administration to develop a cross-functional approach to transformation that met the needs of families during this critical time. Here are highlights from that presentation.

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