LinkedIn: 4 Hospitals, 4 Unique Strategies

February 11, 2015

By Spencer Hunt

Spencer Hunt Mindset Digital

What’s the best strategy for hospitals using LinkedIn? Consider these two examples.

The updates Vanderbilt University Medical Center posts on its LinkedIn page frequently congratulate doctors on their awards and promotions. Advances in malaria and scoliosis research are celebrated, and job openings at the Nashville hospital—particularly for nurses—are featured.

Almost 500 miles north, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Michael Yoder chuckles before he describes one of the most engaging LinkedIn updates from Spectrum Health System. “We did an article on the top boy and girl names of 2014,” said Yoder, Spectrum Health’s social media consultant. The article tallied names from nearly 6,800 births last year at Spectrum’s Butterworth Hospital.

That update—“Olivia” was No. 1 for girls and “Noah” was tops for boys—made more than 14,000 impressions and drew more than 300 clicks. “I got a kick out of that,” Yoder said. “I mean, we are trying to look at what content is best to post there, and… I just scratch my head.”

Vanderbilt and Spectrum reflect a common divide among hospitals and their strategies for LinkedIn.

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