LinkedIn: It’s Not Just For Recruiting Anymore; 4 Health Systems Reveal Their Strategies

February 11, 2015

In-2C-128px-TMYou never know which posts are going to get people’s attention on LinkedIn. Michael Yoder, Social Media Consultant at Spectrum Health was pleasantly surprised by the results of this post:

Top baby names

The post generated 14,000 impressions and 300 clicks.

Many hospitals effectively use LinkedIn as an extension of their efforts to recruit in-demand health care professionals—and to encourage their highly sought employees and staff to stay.

But LinkedIn is not just for recruiting anymore.

“People are using it more as a social network than they used to,” said Cynthia Manley, Director of Content Strategy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The audience is professionals, and Manley keeps that in mind as she explores the kinds of content to share.

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is conscious of its role in the local community, which includes corporations like Nike and Intel. “I think more and more we understand our responsibility as an Oregon employer and so community impact is a story we want to tell often,” said Jessica Columbo, OHSU’s Social Media Program Manager.

Mt. Sinai Health System found that patient stories are powerful, and one in particular translated to new patients for its Dubin Breast Center and its Department of Fetal Medicine.

To learn more (and to find out the top baby names of 2014) read the full article by Spencer Hunt of Mindset Digital, LinkedIn: 4 Hospitals, 4 Unique Strategies.

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