Podcasts: A Key to Content Creation

December 7, 2021

// By Wendy Stark Healy //

Podcasts are a win-win. They provide great information to the community, engage potential patients, and help organizations market their services with versatile content that can be reused.

Versatile podcasts can stand on their own as a popular source of content, but they are also a great way to stoke the content-generation engine, especially for healthcare communications and marketing programs.

Bill Klaproth

Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and production for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

“It all starts with a podcast,” says Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and production for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD. Klaproth, who provides podcast services to healthcare organizations, recently presented his best practices and professional tips at the “Build a Better Healthcare Podcast” webinar produced by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

Ashley Schroeder, senior marketing specialist at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, shared her experiences and lessons learned after recently launching a podcast for the health system. The Bryan Health Podcast has been well received, she says, with average downloads per episode of more than 12,000.

“We love podcasts,” Schroeder says. “They’ve been a great way to support marketing. We do two a month. It’s our sweet spot.”

The speakers discussed how to:

  • Develop good topics
  • Determine the right length for episodes
  • Promote podcasts through multichannels
  • Use podcasts as tools for physician relations and internal promotion
  • Measure engagement and success

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