Precision Digital Marketing: Penn Medicine’s Journey of Innovation

April 6, 2015

Penn Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, has a long and venerable history. The School of Medicine was the first in the nation, and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania the first teaching hospital.

web.Penn_Medicine_and_University_of_Pennsylvania_Health_System_logo.svgIn keeping with its legacy of innovation, Penn Medicine today continues to chart new territory, reaching new and existing patients more effectively through digital healthcare marketing. “We took what had been a pretty good program in terms of digital marketing to something that is now quite robust, very trackable, highly targeted, and very efficient,” says Suzanne Sawyer, Chief Marketing Officer.

Five years ago, Penn Medicine made the decision to invest significantly in precision marketing with the goal of being more accountable with healthcare dollars and catching up with other industries. “The discipline of marketing is changing and evolving,” says Sawyer. “We’ve been very slow as an industry and as a profession to adopt those kinds of changes.” To support the evolution, the organization set about finding the right CRM solution and hiring digital marketers with both technical and strategic skills.

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