Redesigned Intranet Connects Health Network’s Large Employee Population

February 1, 2015

By Lisa D. Ellis

Lisa EllisHow can one health system communicate most effectively with thousands of employees who work in different locations and on different schedules?

This was the challenge recently facing Scripps Health, an integrated nonprofit health network in the San Diego area that has more than 14,000 employees working at five hospitals, 28 clinics, and 11 specialty and wellness centers. In an effort to create a bridge that could span the distances and connect everyone with consistent information, Scripps Health recently underwent an ambitious intranet redesign project.

Two representatives from Scripps Health, Robin Noble, Web Product Manager, and Jane Hong, Director of Web Technologies, shared their experiences with the redesign process at the 18th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona in November of 2014.

Looking for ways to reach employees with different goals and interests

Noble says that starting out on this project, Scripps Health recognized big distinctions between the corporate and clinical employee audiences and in how both groups access information.

“Corporate employees typically have direct and frequent computer access while clinical employees may need to share devices for numerous applications and resources,” says Noble.

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