Survey Shows Consumers Crave a Personalized Healthcare Experience

March 25, 2022

// By Althea Fung //

Althea FungIn ecommerce, personalization is used to build relationships with consumers and sell them more goods. In healthcare, the goal of personalization is to improve health outcomes.

After weeks of receiving emails from Old Navy promoting joggers — fleece-lined joggers, comfy-cozy joggers, $12 joggers, I finally caved. When I clicked on a link in the email, I was taken to a page with various joggers modeled in the same size I wear. So when I went to put the fleece-lined joggers in my cart, I just had to pick the color because my size was already selected.

Over the past few years, various industries have realized that personal data on consumers can be leveraged to create curated experiences. In addition, research shows that when executed well, personalization helps businesses differentiate themselves and drives up consumer loyalty. Increasingly, consumers expect some level of personalization when interacting with companies. According to a recent survey[1] of 1,000 U.S.-based healthcare consumers, that expectation now extends to healthcare providers.

Chris Evanguelidi

Chris Evanguelidi, head of healthcare, Redpoint Global

“Personalization in healthcare is similar to personalization in other industries but for different types of outcomes. When we deploy personalization in healthcare, what we’re trying to do is connect with individuals — patients, caregivers — in a relevant, contextual way that delivers a better health outcome,” says Chris Evanguelidi, head of healthcare at Redpoint Global.

“In retail, we would think about it as a way to get people to emotionally buy something, but in healthcare, the outcome is getting people better help.”

The survey conducted by Redpoint Global, a customer engagement software company, and market research firm Dynata, found that healthcare organizations that don’t prioritize personalization risk losing their patients.

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