When Stewardship Is a Core Value, Cost Management Is Critical


AMITA Health is one of the largest health systems in Illinois and provides care to nearly 6.6 million residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The system consists of 15 acute care hospitals, four specialty hospitals, 20 urgent care centers, and outpatient care centers for primary care and many specialties. “At AMITA, one of our Read More

Chicago-Area Health System Puts Spotlight on Identifying and Managing High Costs

Bonny Chen

// By Jim Samuel // Hospitals and health systems across the country are constantly looking for ways to identify and manage unnecessary spending — for themselves and for patients. Controlling costs is particularly important when one of your system’s core values is stewardship. That’s why Chicago-based AMITA Health turned to an app that gives providers Read More

Solving the Problem of Getting Timely Info to Physicians

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office, you’re familiar with the ribbon — the horizontal toolbar at the top of the document loaded with icons that make it easy for users to change things like fonts, formatting, colors, layouts, and alignment with a single click. Now take that same concept and drop it into the electronic Read More