University of Utah Case Study: Pin to Win a One-of-a-Kind Audience on Pinterest

January 27, 2016

// By Jen Jenkins and Kelley Whalen //

Jen Jenkins Kelley WhalenChances are your system is using Pinterest—but are you getting the most out of it? Why should you care about maintaining yet another social media platform? Is it worth the effort? At University of Utah Health Care, we think it is. Check out some of these statistics from Pew Research:

  • 42 percent of online U.S. adult women are on Pinterest
  • 13 percent of online U.S. adult men are on Pinterest
  • 8+ million people are on Pinterest

That’s a lot of people! And when you consider the number of Internet users online looking for healthcare information (72 percent), and the fact that women are most likely to make healthcare decisions for their families (80 percent), Pinterest’s largely female demographic is looking like a pretty amazing platform to check out!

Visual representation of US women on the web and the number of those women on Pinterest

Visual representation of US women on the web and the number of those women on Pinterest. (Click to enlarge.)

The University of Utah Health Care has had a presence on Pinterest since 2012. In 2015 we decided to up our game and use Pinterest as part of our women’s health marketing campaign. Pinterest also encouraged us to try something new. They offered us the chance to try their promoted pins feature, which was just rolling out in beta.

So we’re going to show you our experience using Pinterest as a digital marketing platform, but first we should cover some basics.

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