Web Takes … February 2013 Picks

February 1, 2013

The Corner Health Center

This relatively new website for a Michigan primary care provider sup­plies healthcare services to young people, ages 12 to 21. A number of things make the site worth checking out.

Without going overboard, the site has a look and feel that will make its target audience comfortable. The banner on the home page shows representative photos of young peo­ple. Two top-of-page global naviga­tional bars are a little off-kilter, and a number of headings appear on an angle. Strong, complementary colors are used. Navigation is simple and straightforward.

To make an appointment, a user can call, visit and speak with a recep­tionist, or execute a live chat. Nowadays, a fair number of hospital websites offer an opportunity to chat with a clinician to get answers to health questions, but executing a chat to book an appointment is rare indeed. The center also offers same-day appointments – another rarity.

A doctor chat is available. When chats are not live, a site visitor can leave a message and get a return re­sponse. The Ask Questions section allows users to query anonymously, with center staff posting responses weekly. The responses offer excel­lent insights into the health issue at hand, with a minimum of medical jargon.

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