Where Healthcare CRM is Headed in 2023 and Beyond

A new eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and strategists

Presented November 30, 2022

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Your Presenters:
Seth Kaplan, Director, Marketing & Customer Engagement, HonorHealth
Craig Kartchner, AVP of Marketing & Customer Experience, HonorHealth
Daniel Quinn, VP of Business Strategy & Analytics, Lionshare

Moderated by:
Jared Johnson, Founder and Podcast Producer, Shift Forward Health and member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board

Speaker panel for webinar: "Where Healthcare CRM is Headed in 2023 and Beyond"

Sponsored by LionShare


Marketers at hospitals and health systems have spent the better part of a decade building the business case to invest in CRM platforms and the talent to run them. But that conversation is shifting due to challenging financial pressures and changes in vendor choices.

Platforms are complex, and the stakes are high. It’s more important than ever to understand how to approach the investment and implementation wisely to be successful.

Some key technology players have evolved their capabilities or left the market entirely, and new platforms have emerged. And with many hospitals and health systems facing negative operating margins, the need for a clear, agreed-upon ROI for a CRM investment is critical – and perhaps greater than ever.

Watch this webinar for a roundtable discussion with leaders on the provider side and vendor side.

You’ll learn:

  • How buyer decisions for CRM have changed
  • How to evaluate platforms now that there are more choices on the market than ever before
  • How strategy and operations work together to get the most out of a CRM investment
  • How vendors see their platforms evolving over the next 1-2 years
  • How to manage expectations for CRM now that healthcare organizations are facing historically challenging financial pressures
  • And much more!

Your Presenters

Seth Kaplan
Director, Marketing and Customer Engagement

Seth Kaplan is the Director of Marketing and Customer Engagement at HonorHealth. In his role, he oversees a diverse portfolio, including digital, analytics, CX and service line strategy. He is highly analytic and excels at employing a data-driven approach. Though he has worked in many industries, his passion is healthcare. This passion and skill-set have helped him transform the marketing culture at HonorHealth to be more data-centric.


Craig Kartchner
AVP of Marketing and Customer Experience

Craig Kartchner is AVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at HonorHealth in Scottsdale, Arizona. His focus has been in three main areas: 1) Improving the customer experience, 2) Building HonorHealth’s brand among all its audiences, and 3) Growing HonorHealth’s business through data-centric marketing. Craig has worked to make healthcare more accessible and frictionless by listening closely to customers, adopting new technology, and constantly making operational and clinical changes on behalf of patients and their families. He believes that some of the the most dangerous words in the pursuit of better customer experience are “this is how we’ve always done it.”

In addition to marketing and customer experience, Craig leads digital and web strategy, customer research, content marketing, CRM strategy, analytics, and marketing automation efforts. Craig previously served as senior director of marketing at Intermountain Healthcare.

Craig Kartchner, (1)

Daniel P. Quinn
VP of Business Strategy & Analytics

Daniel has 15+ years of strategic and analytical experience, including business analysis, data architecture, mathematical model building, report and dashboard creation, and ultimately turning that data into actionable insights to achieve business goals. He is also responsible for presenting marketing intelligence, strategy, and analytic capabilities to clients and prospects. As VP of Business Strategy & Analytics at LionShare Inc., Daniel oversees the analytic and reporting functions and works with client and technical teams to ensure databases and software are positioned to accomplish marketing and business intelligence objectives. Daniel earned his Master of Arts in Economics emphasizing International Finance and Econometrics, and his Bachelor in Mathematics concentrating in statistics.

Daniel P. Quinn

Jared Johnson
Founder and Podcast Producer, Shift Forward Health
Member, eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board

Jared Johnson is an influential voice in healthcare marketing and an advocate for consumer transformation. He has produced more than 500 podcast episodes for highly influential healthcare and health tech brands as founder of Shift Forward Health. Previously, he has produced thousands of social media posts, articles, white papers, and pages of web content as a senior digital strategist for some of the top healthcare and medtech brands in the country, including St. Jude Medical, Pfizer, W. L. Gore, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Jared is a rapping keynote speaker, host of the long-running Healthcare Rap Podcast, author of Marketing Forward: A Vision for Marketers to Play a Leading Role in the Consumer Transformation of Healthcare, and winner of the Medigy HITMC 2021 Marketer of the Year Award.

(View his full bio and links to articles he has contributed to eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.)

Jared Johnson

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