What Is Health One-to-One, and How Do We Get There? Ask the Expert, with Gary Druckenmiller, General Manager of Patient Relationship Management at Innovaccer

June 26, 2022

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //


If you’ve ever tried to merge your Gmail contacts into Outlook or vice versa, you know it doesn’t always (ever) go smoothly. The data fields don’t match up. You may end up with lots of duplicates, or some records don’t show up at all. It’s easier to go back and forth between applications, or manually add the missing contacts than try to sort it all out.

This simple example illustrates what also happens when healthcare organizations try to reconcile customer data from multiple sources.

In healthcare, it’s widely recognized that collaboration across departments is needed, but individual departments still operate as silos, and that goes for both the organizational structure and the data each group controls. A customer may be in several health system databases and related applications — revenue cycle, contact center, EHR, CRM, and others. But these customer databases don’t necessarily talk to one another.

The fragmentation results in a disjointed experience for customers. A customer wants and expects a seamless and frictionless experience with one organization, but often gets something very different: random, uncoordinated communications that leave them wondering if they’re dealing with one organization or many.

Gary Druckenmiller

Gary Druckenmiller, Jr., general manager of patient relationship management at Innovaccer

Gary Druckenmiller, Jr., general manager of patient relationship management (PRM) at Innovaccer, thinks there’s a better way, and it begins with having one single source of truth for all customer data, shared across all applications.

“The term we use is health one-to-one,” he says. “How do we create a world where health is delivered one-to-one?”

Here, we share highlights from our conversation with Druckenmiller about health one-to-one, why it’s been so elusive, and what he believes it will take to finally achieve it.

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