An Important Strategy for Social Media ROI

July 27, 2022
Marty Summa

Marty Summa, director of digital media and social strategy, Sage Growth Partners

“Hospitals and medical practices are constantly refining their communication plans and budgets to produce the most effective results and greatest ROI,” says Marty Summa of Sage Growth Partners. “Nowhere is this more evident than with social media strategies.”

Here’s an excerpt from Summa’s new article:

When it comes to developing successful social media marketing campaigns in a highly competitive market, consistency is king for engaging current and potential patients, and for establishing credibility, trust, and market awareness.

This is especially true with individuals age 18-24, who make up the next generation of healthcare consumers. Within this group, some 90 percent of those surveyed indicated that they trusted medical information that appears in their social feeds. Research also found that this group is twice as likely as those in the 45-54 age group to use social media to discuss their health issues.

Younger audiences trust healthcare information they find on social media platforms. Not only do they consume it, they share it. And overall consumption in other ages groups is also growing.

According to data from the PEW Research Center, the percentage of U.S. adults who use social media increased to 72 percent in 2021. Public Health Post found that 41 percent of social media users watch health-related content on YouTube and another 17 percent regularly share health information on their social networking sites.

While it is important to understand the impact of social media on healthcare, it is perhaps even more important to know how and when to take best advantage of the tremendous reach and speed of social communications and engagements.

To position your organization for success, there is one key element that trumps others, Summa says. Read the full story now to find out what it is:

The Key to Creating Social Media Success

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