Ask the Expert, with Paul Griffiths, CEO + Founding Partner, MedTouch

September 15, 2015

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Paul Griffiths HeadshotWe interviewed Paul Griffiths, MedTouch CEO and Founding Partner, to get the 50,000-foot view of CMS re-platforming projects, what it takes to succeed, and what healthcare organizations hope to achieve.

MedTouch is a Platinum Sitecore Implementation Partner and works exclusively with healthcare organizations. Sitecore is a Web content management system recently rank #1 by Gartner for “ability to execute.”

eHST: Why do clients come to you?

medtouch-logo-400x400PG: A lot of our work is helping clients get to the place where they can really be effective digitally. We help them solve their perceived deficiencies, which is usually, we have a website that’s out of date from a brand standpoint, or it’s out of date from a technology standpoint; there are a number of things we want to be able to accomplish that we can’t; we’re being held back. Their needs have changed because they are no longer able to do the website as a side project and check it off the list.

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