Blockchain Technology in Digital Healthcare: An Answer to Digital Ad Fraud?

September 28, 2022

If you’re running digital healthcare advertising campaigns, you’re probably aware of blockchain technology.

To hear some tell it, blockchain is the answer to just about every problem faced by modern society. Others describe it as a solution in search of a problem. One area in which blockchain has seen some success is in helping to detect fraud in digital advertising.

Digital advertising will total more than $571 billion worldwide in 2022. But the latest projections from Juniper Research say $81 billion of that will be wasted because of fraud. Some advocates say blockchain technology can be the solution to the fraud problem, while others say it is likely to come up short as a solution to a growing problem.

Blockchain has been discussed as a way to prevent digital advertising fraud for several years now, but it has not been as successful or as widespread as its proponents predicted.  

Augustine Fou, an independent researcher who studies advertising fraud, discusses blockchain in digital healthcare

Dr. Augustine Fou, an independent researcher who studies advertising fraud

“Amidst the insane hype back in 2017, blockchain was pitched as a cure-all for ad fraud in digital advertising,” says Dr. Augustine Fou, an independent researcher who studies advertising fraud. “The theory was that you could memorialize all details of a transaction, such as buying a single digital ad impression, in the blockchain, and anyone could later review it for accuracy.”

However, according to Dr. Fou, “there are a lot of problems with the accuracy of data coming from the digital advertising platforms.”

In our new article, we examine the arguments for and against the use of blockchain technology to prevent digital ad fraud. We’ll discuss:

  • How blockchain technology could help reduce digital ad fraud affecting healthcare marketers
  • The reasons blockchain hasn’t made a dent in digital ad fraud yet
  • The future outlook for blockchain’s impact on digital advertising — including yours.

Read the full article here: Point/Counterpoint: Can Blockchain Protect Digital Advertisers from Fraud?

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