Joe Public 2030: Our Thoughts on a Few Questions

June 28, 2022

// By Jane Weber Brubaker and Althea Fung //

Jane Brubaker-Althea Fung

Will the industry’s biggest buzzwords really make a difference? We think the answer is yes.

A good open-ended question gets you thinking, or in our case, researching. In Chris Bevolo’s latest (and final, he says) book in the Joe Public series, Joe Public 2030, he poses 20 questions — like the road trip game — about trends that will impact the healthcare industry between now and the end of the decade. We picked out three to weigh in on.

The topics we focus on here are all in the realm of digital transformation. They revolve around data and emerging trends like blockchain that rethink the entire architecture and who controls it.

There’s nothing black-and-white about any of the 20 topics, questions, or answers. There are no shortcuts to the ultimate healthcare destination, where all the problems plaguing us today are solved. But the answers to healthcare’s biggest challenges haven’t come by adhering to a “business as usual” mindset, and it’s worth looking at who’s doing what today in each area. How are leaders and innovators rethinking and reimagining things?

Here are the three topics and related questions we’ll comment on:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Big Data
  3. Artificial Intelligence

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