Conversa Health’s Clinical Response Marketing Concept Recognizes that Clinicians Need Marketers for Patient Communications to be Effective

June 3, 2015

Wanted: Clinical Response Marketer. “This individual should have a strong grasp of consumer-friendly communications, be proficient in digital media including social media, and have the ability to lead the testing of different data collection and messaging approaches to find those that are most effective.”

Conversa Health Logo - eHealthcare Strategy & TrendsThis is an excerpt from an actual job description posted by Conversa Health. Conversa’s technology platform, the subject of our latest article, facilitates digital checkups that engage patients in between office visits. “In this age of consumers doing all kinds of things [digitally], wouldn’t frequent light touches in between visits be much more impactful than the way we’re practicing now?” asks patient engagement advocate Dr. Danny Sands, Conversa’s Chief Medical Officer.

With the spotlight on patient engagement as the strongest lever to move healthcare in the right direction, the need for well-crafted consumer-oriented communications has never been greater.

We applaud Conversa Health for being a clinically-oriented technology company that understands the value of consumer-friendly communications, and even came up with a name for it: clinical response marketing. The strategy is working—learn more in our latest article: The Emergence of “Clinical Response Marketing.”

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Best regards,
Jane Weber Brubaker


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