Call for Entries — 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards

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This leading awards program, which drew over 900 entries last year, recognizes the very best websites and digital communications efforts of healthcare organizations, online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, suppliers, and business improvement initiatives. Now in its 18th year, the awards program is presented by Plain-English Health Care, publisher of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends and Read More

Podcasts Satisfy Patients’ Demands for Convenient Content

Shel Holtz, Principal at Holtz Communication + Technology,

The Podcast Consumer 2016 survey reports that 57 million Americans ages 12 and up listened to a podcast within the past month, up 24 percent from 2015. As recently as 2013, only 42 percent of survey respondents who identified themselves as podcast listeners accessed podcasts from a mobile device; in 2016 that number has jumped Read More

Podcasts: On-Demand and in Your Patient’s Pocket

Shel Holtz, Principal at Holtz Communication + Technology,

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The growth rate of podcasting, a term coined more than 10 years ago, is accelerating today. Demand for all types of digital content is growing because mobile devices make it easy and convenient to access it. Additionally, consumers have grown to expect on-demand access to content at a time Read More

How Does a Digital Marketer Transition from E-Commerce to Healthcare?

Ask the Expert, with Scott Mowery, Director of Digital Services at Cleveland Clinic // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Scott Mowery, Director of Digital Services at Cleveland Clinic, presented at HCIC 2015. His background in e-commerce intrigued us. We wanted to know how it shaped his approach to digital marketing in healthcare. We also wanted Read More

From 0 to 365: Tips for Your First Year at a New Healthcare Organization

Andy Gradel, System Director of Digital Marketing, Main Line Health

// By Andy Gradel // My father spent practically his entire career working for the same company. With the change of our workforce from a production-driven economy to a service and information-driven model, staying with the same company more than a decade has become more and more rare. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Read More

Are Wearables the Cure for Chronic Disease Management?

Dr. Richard Milani

Chronic diseases cause 70 percent of deaths in the U.S., and hypertension is one of the most pervasive chronic diseases. “A third of all adults in the U.S. have it,” says Dr. Richard Milani, Ochsner Health’s Chief Clinical Transformation Officer. “Only half of adults with high blood pressure have it under control. It’s a big Read More

B2C Marketing Predictions 2015

The results of an Economist Intelligence Unit survey, commissioned by Marketo, indicate that 99% of marketers plan to invest in marketing technologies in the next year. Here are other key findings: Impact on Revenue Of the B2C marketers surveyed, more than half (55%) feel that their marketing departments are regarded as little more than a Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, June 2014

Google Maps Street View Offers Imagery of the Past You can now see street views that go back to 2007, which include scenes at different seasons and at night. If you see an hourglass in the upper left corner of a street view, it means that past imagery is available. About 12 million miles of Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, May 2014

Travel Insurance With summer vacations just around the corner, some thought about travel insurance is in order, especially if you are planning an expensive trip or going to an exotic destination. Insurance coverage options generally fall into three broad categories – trip cancellation, emergency medical care, and medical evacuation to a healthcare facility, with the Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, April 2014

Your Mental Age You have no doubt heard about apps that will reveal your “heart age” or your “real biological age,” compared with your chronological age. But if you are an active, physically fit professional, the bigger question is your mental age. With responses to six simple questions at, you will quickly have a Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, March 2014

Yes, You Can Repair a Cellphone I wish I had known about repair services before I replaced my daughter’s cellphone twice – once when the screen had severe cracks from the phone being dropped and stepped on, and once when the battery just quit. There are indeed companies that will repair cellphones that have screen Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, February 2014

Determine Your Fitness Age Quickly Measurement of your aerobic fitness level can be difficult, if not impos­sible, on your own. But researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology came up with a simple, low-tech way to esti­mate your “fitness age,” which is how well your body functions physi­cally relative to how it should Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, January 2014

Productivity Apps That Are Fun For many, a key 2014 New Year’s resolution is to become more pro­ductive. An app can assist while also offering some fun along the way. The app is a simple list maker with all the tasks people re­quire, such as setting priorities, establishing reminders, and getting a push each Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, December 2013

Games to Make Exercising More Fun We all know how important it is to spend time at the gym staying fit, but would we call this time fun? Some smartphone apps can turn exercising into a game and make the experience more enjoyable. With Fitocracy, users get points based on specific exercises and their intensity Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, November 2013

Help Finding Things If you lose or misplace your belongings, apps can help you find them. Place an electronic tag on your wallet, car keys, or anything else that tends to disappear regularly and you can locate it with a smartphone app. The tag sends a signal up to 150 feet. If you believe a Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, October 2013

Reference Source with a Click How often do you use Google to learn more about something in an online article, such as the location of a town, a person’s background, or the definition of a word? Rather than leave the Web page, get the browser add-on from Curiyo. Once installed on your computer, Curiyo identifies Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, September 2013

Eyeglasses Online Afraid to buy glasses online even though you could save a ton of money? Now has come out with an app that uses 3Dfit technology to allow consumers to accurately see how frames look and fit without stepping into a store. Available currently only at the iTunes app store.  

My Internet … Personal Solutions, August 2013

Track Your Fitness Regimen Fitbit, which tracks your steps, calo­ries burned, and other metrics, has been on the market for a number of years. This great little device is now available in different colors and de­signs and can send information to smartphones as well as computers. The latest versions, the Zip and the Flex, are Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, July 2013

An App to Relax By Is there anyone out there who isn’t stressed or anxious over work, fam­ily, or just life in general? There are a number of smartphone apps de­signed to reduce all your anxieties, as detailed by Judith Newman in the April 5 issue of The New York Times. Most of the apps Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, June 2013

When You Prefer Pen and Paper If you like to take notes for future reference and prefer to write rather than type into a digital device, then get the Targus iNotebook. The Targus tool and an iPad work hand-in-hand. With an iPad close at hand, you write with a special pen on one of the Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, May 2013

Smarter Shopping You love a deal, but don’t want to keep track of the sales notices and discount coupons you receive in your mailbox. When you are ready to shop, go to and check out the discounts currently available at your favorite stores. Both print­able and mobile coupons are of­fered, and Coupon Sherpa can Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, April 2013

Untangling All Those Power Cords in the Car If you spend much time in your car, you probably have a “mobile office” in the front seat with all kinds of power cords connected to the power outlet. Simplify your life and space by getting the TYLT Band Car Charger. A flat, semi-rigid cord that comes Read More