eHealthcare Leadership Awards: It’s Not Just for the Big Guys

May 6, 2019

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Jane Weber Brubaker

The call for entries for the 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Awards is officially open! Every year around this time, we pick one of our 17 award categories and look back at the prior year’s winners to see what the judges thought they did right — and what they could do even better.

Here, we’ll take a close-up look at some of the top winners in the Best Site Design category. Altogether, there were 44 winners of Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Distinction awards in this category. Why so many? Because all but three of the 17 organization classifications were represented. It’s not just about the big guys.

When judges evaluate entries, they compare similar organizations. An entry from a small, rural hospital, for example, may be classified as a “Hospital under 200 beds” and is compared to other organizations of similar scale. There are seven different classifications of provider organizations based on size and type:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems (four classifications, based on size)
  • Hospital Subsite/Center of Excellence
  • Medical Practice/Outpatient Facility
  • Other Healthcare Facility (rehab, psych, long-term care, etc.)

To be a true representation of the many stakeholders serving the healthcare industry, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize 10 other types of organizations, including:

  • Healthcare Association/Professional Society
  • HMO/PPO/Other Insurance
  • Consumer General Health Site
  • Consumer Disease-Focused Site
  • Physician/Clinician-Focused Site
  • Pharmaceutical or Medical Equipment Manufacturer
  • Fundraising Site
  • Business/Process Improvement Applications of Products
  • Agency/Corporate Vendor Site
  • Other Healthcare Sites

And now we’ll take a look at some of the Platinum winners in the Best Site Design category:

What were the judges looking for? And what did they find?

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