Electronic Health Records Now Benefitting Even Smaller Practices

September 1, 2014

by Brian O’Neill

Brian-O-NeillWith healthcare reform bringing millions of newly insured patients into a system that already sees shortages in primary care physicians and select specialties, the industry is being pressured to become ever smarter about how providers, insurers, and patients themselves communicate and interact.

Fortunately, affordable electronic communication tools are available today that support office efficiencies and enhance the patient experience in ways in which everyone benefits. Just as physicians have historically relied on technology to assist with diagnosis and treatment, little by little, healthcare providers are now feeling that same comfort level when it comes to technology and communication.

Clearly the area gaining the most attention in the national media is electronic health records (EHRs). With the potential to improve quality, safety, efficiencies, and access, many hospitals and large physician groups have implemented EHR systems over the past few years. Fortunately, systems are now in place that make it easy and affordable for smaller groups and independent physician offices to do so as well.

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