eNews Pulse, August 2013

August 1, 2013


Capital BlueCross Challenges Students to Develop Innovative Web-Based Tools or Mobile Apps to Improve Healthcare. Available to students age 18 and older, the challenge supports innovative ideas in one of three categories: financial, telemedical, and experiential. Top prize is $15,000. Work must be original and sub­mitted by November 22. Details at www.blueinnovates.com.


Guide to Cross-Channel Mar­keting Available from StrongMail, a leading email marketing firm. The 11-page white paper entitled “13 Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies for 2013” can be downloaded by going to www.strongmail.com/

A Superior Search Engine Opti­mization Strategy Focuses on Increasing Conversions Rather Than Just Building Traffic, finds a survey of nearly 600 business and marketing executives. The survey was done in late June and sponsored by Ascend2. Fifteen percent of re­spondents rated their SEO strategy as very successful in achieving ob­jectives and are identified as having a superior strategy. Eighteen percent of respondents rated their SEO strategy as not successful in achiev­ing objectives and are identified as having an inferior strategy.

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