eNews Pulse, May 2014

May 1, 2014


Social Media Analytics Tools Adopted by 61 Percent of Marketers, finds a study conducted by Demand Metric and sponsored by NetBase. The major cited uses of analytics were for campaign tracking (60 percent), brand analysis (48 per­cent), competitive intelligence (40 percent), and customer care (36 per­cent). Other key findings in the study were:

  • Social media command centers, which are dashboards that monitor social media in real-time, have been adopted by 27 percent of respondents.   An­other 24 percent have definite plans to establish a center.
  • ROI of social media efforts could not be quantified by 70 percent of respondents. An ROI of 15 percent or less was noted by 21 percent of re­spondents.
  • Advertising through social media was being conducted by 63 percent. Of participants that did such advertising, 59 percent indicated they would spend more in 2014 than 2013.
  • An increase in posting activity, cited by 66 percent, was the top cited change for 2014. Other top changes were implementing more analytics (60 percent) and integrating better with business strategy (55 percent).

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