Healthcare Marketing Analytics: 6 Things We Learned with Our New Data Scientist

December 21, 2018

// By Jared Johnson //

Jared JohnsonData-driven marketing is the holy grail in today’s environment of accountability. To get there, many organizations are investing in data scientists. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of them. In this article, Jared Johnson, manager of marketing technology and analytics at Phoenix Children’s, shares his experience from Year One of having a data scientist on-board.

This new resource and improved ability to analyze data, Johnson and his team found, can open a Pandora’s box of possibilities that then have to be whittled down to those that have the greatest impact on the highest priorities.

How do you measure the right things? What can you accurately conclude from the data? How do you act on it? Why is context important? Why is it critical to challenge conclusions drawn from an analysis?

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