Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, and Your Healthcare Organization

February 21, 2018

What do Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Time Inc., and other consumer brands and products have in common with your healthcare organization? More than you might think, when it comes to digital consumer engagement.

Clare Carr, the vice president of marketing at

Clare Carr, vice president of marketing at

Everyone knows Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In fact, just thinking of the name may make you drool for a pint of Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey. That’s because the brand has done an excellent job at becoming a household name.

One of its secrets to success is appealing to people in the community by meeting their simple but universal desire for something that tastes good—and is also good for themselves and the planet. Add Ben & Jerry’s wholesome ingredients, commitment to sustainability, and giving back to the community—along with a good digital strategy that connects with consumers—and you have a winning recipe.

While the general appeal of Ben & Jerry’s is pretty obvious, its connection to healthcare marketing may be harder to swallow. But Clare Carr, vice president of marketing at, says that digital engagement ideas from companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Time Inc. (both clients) as well as from other consumer brands are relevant for your healthcare marketing efforts.

One of the ways that companies like Ben & Jerry’s get it right is through their ability to listen—and respond—to fluid changes in the marketplace, and to meet people with the products and convenience they want. This commitment to serving customers also carries through to the brand’s digital strategy.

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