A Disney Strategy That Can Transform Your Website

January 18, 2017
Andy Gradel, System Director of Digital Marketing, Main Line Health

Andy Gradel, system director of digital marketing, Main Line Health

“Imagineering is a concept created by Walt Disney in 1952 as ‘the blending of creative imagination with technical know-how,'” says Andy Gradel, system director of digital marketing for Main Line Health in Philadelphia.

“At its core, imagineering is rooted in storytelling, with projects using extensive theming, atmosphere, and attention to detail in an attempt to create attractions and themed layouts that will successfully lead the audience from one area to another.”

Gradel notes that healthcare marketers can learn a great deal from Walt Disney: “While we’re not tasked with designing roller coasters or coming up with a new way for kids to meet their favorite princess, creating an immersive experience where visitors are led to the physician or service they need can leverage many of the same techniques used by imagineers for decades.

“But the biggest challenge is that theme park guests have willingly chosen to visit, while our visitors are likely coming to us out of necessity. Because of that, most of us have to work a bit harder to create that memorable experience.”

To learn more about Disney-style theming and placemaking, and how they can transform your healthcare website to create an exceptional visitor experience, read Gradel’s full article now: Have You “Imagineered” Your Site Lately?

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