Healthcare System Develops Hub to Congregate Its Mobile Apps

June 1, 2014

by Cheryl L. Serra

Cheryl SerraThis month Intermountain Healthcare will begin promoting Intermountain Health Hub, a container application and nine applications that launch from within it. The apps and a mobile responsive patient portal also included in the container will allow users to learn about health-related issues and complete tasks related to their healthcare on their mobile de­vice.

Intermountain is a large, integrated system that includes 22 hospitals, a medical group with more than 180 physician clinics, and a health insur­ance company. With more than 33,000 employees, the Salt Lake City-based health system serves resi­dents of Utah and southeastern Idaho.

The first nine apps and the container were developed in nine months while the final app, Pay Bill, was completed in May. The initial apps were available for download in March, and without any marketing, they were downloaded about 1,000 times by early May.

Development of the app container ensures that all apps have the same security, branding, and navigation. The apps developed in this first phase are aimed at increasing access to services and information for pa­tients and consumers. Second and third phases of app development will entail two other separate containers and sets of apps – one for employees and another for clinicians. Addi­tional apps for patients will also continue to be developed.

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