Fully Integrated PRM and CRM = Fully Leveraged Healthcare Marketing

March 23, 2016
Daniel Lavelle, Manager of Marketing and Public Affairs at LVHN

Daniel Lavelle, Manager of Marketing and Public Affairs at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Ever dream of driving a Ferrari? If you’re a health system, the equivalent is a completely tricked-out, customized, integrated technology platform that gives you all the information you need to tackle your market holistically. No more siloed B-to-B vs. B-to-C strategies.

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is living this dream as it prepares to roll out fully integrated physician relationship management (PRM) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems from Evariant.

“The strategic value of having CRM and PRM on a single system is that it gives you a unified look at the consumer and physician market, in order to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time,” says Daniel Lavelle, Manager of Marketing and Public Affairs at LVHN.

LVHN, a regional health system serving northeastern Pennsylvania with five hospital campuses, expects to launch PRM this month and CRM in April. The marketing spend for each side of the equation will vary depending on the situation.

“There might be certain campaigns that are physician-led, like cardiology,” says Lavelle. “We might say, ‘This is 90 percent referral-based and 10 percent consumer-driven.’” Other situations, such as orthopedics, may be consumer-driven and the mix would be the other way around.

Both teams expect to benefit over time by what Lavelle calls “compound interest.” Each new campaign will build on learning from the prior campaign. “We’ll fine-tune the mix, and fine-tune the tactical approach, so we understand what our formula for success is when we launch new campaigns,” Lavelle says.

For more details on Lehigh Valley’s exciting new setup, as well as insights you can use for your own unified marketing strategies, read the full article now: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! Lehigh Valley Health Network Revs It Up with Integrated CRM/PRM Strategy.

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