Mayo Clinic Shares Healthcare Social Media Best Practices

August 24, 2016

Mayo Clinic Logo“Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie Mayo were our first social networkers,” says Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. “They really believed that to do the best care for patients, they needed to learn from others, and they felt an obligation to share what they were learning in their practice.”

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) is a lively community of clinicians and communicators dedicated to sharing best practices in social media. “The digital tools are just taking the analog way that we’ve always done things and made it more efficient, and much faster,” says Aase.


Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Mayo Clinic saw the opportunities as well as the challenges of social media early on, and wanted its own employees to have a better grounding in the tools and strategies. It formalized a robust social media training program for employees that is now available for those interested in using social media to share ideas and information related to healthcare.

To learn more about how Mayo Clinic, a pioneer in social media as well as medicine, captures and cultivates its desired audience, read the full article now: Mayo Clinic’s Commitment to Sharing Best Practices Extends to Social Media.

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