Social Media Command Centers Help Johns Hopkins and Sharp Streamline Operations and Increase Visibility

December 30, 2015

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Social media has become a critical component of the digital marketing mix for most healthcare organizations. Social media command centers are making it possible for lean marketing teams to listen, respond, and engage with growing numbers of consumers on multiple platforms, and share information across the organization. Some command centers are fishbowl-style physical spaces designed to increase visibility and raise awareness of what customers are actually saying. Others are cloud-based tools accessible from any device or location, consolidating key information and streamlining operations.

Johns Hopkins Medicine and Sharp HealthCare recently implemented social media command centers and shared their experiences during a presentation at HCIC 2015 in November. We followed up to find out more about the problems they wanted to solve, the platforms they chose, and how it’s working so far.

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