Teach Your Physicians and Staff How to Blog Effectively

January 23, 2015

// by Grace Jones //

Grace-JonesStarting a hospital blog can often seem like a daunting task. What should we name the blog? What topics should it be about? Who is our audience? How often should we post? These are all good questions to ask when starting a blog. Yet none of them matters if you don’t have good bloggers.

Working in the marketing communications department at a hospital, as I do, gives you full access to great subject matter experts for PR and marketing initiatives. However, how you use experts for a media interview can be very different from how you use them for a blog.

For your blog to be effective you want it to be one thing: authentic. Readers appreciate authenticity, and if you as the editor ghostwrite the posts, they will see right through it.

So how do you build a blog that is authentic and speaks to your readers? Simple. You need to pick the right experts, teach them HOW to blog, and then let them say what they want to say.

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