Redesigned Intranet Connects Health Network’s Large Employee Population

By Lisa D. Ellis How can one health system communicate most effectively with thousands of employees who work in different locations and on different schedules? This was the challenge recently facing Scripps Health, an integrated nonprofit health network in the San Diego area that has more than 14,000 employees working at five hospitals, 28 clinics, Read More

Video Remote Interpreting Translates to Lower Costs and Improved Efficiency

Lisa Ellis

By Lisa D. Ellis The latest technological approaches are helping healthcare facilities do their job better—and more efficiently—than ever before, right down to the very last detail. In fact, that’s where Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) comes in, offering on-demand video interpretation services to facilitate accurate communication for patients who are hearing impaired or have language Read More

Common Healthcare IT Project Mistakes That Lead to Suboptimal Outcomes

by Richard ‘RJ’ Kedziora How do you define project failure? Is it when the project costs more than the original budget? Is it when the delivery date is long past and the project is still incomplete? Or is failure defined by a completed project that does not fulfill the agreed-on requirements? Maybe it’s all three. Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, June 2014

Google Maps Street View Offers Imagery of the Past You can now see street views that go back to 2007, which include scenes at different seasons and at night. If you see an hourglass in the upper left corner of a street view, it means that past imagery is available. About 12 million miles of Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, May 2014

Travel Insurance With summer vacations just around the corner, some thought about travel insurance is in order, especially if you are planning an expensive trip or going to an exotic destination. Insurance coverage options generally fall into three broad categories – trip cancellation, emergency medical care, and medical evacuation to a healthcare facility, with the Read More

Healthcare Turns to Open Source Software

by Glen Doss A growing number of healthcare or­ganizations have turned to open source software to help manage their websites. Open source software is a collection of tools and technologies that are free to use, modify, and share. Two of the most popular open source plat­forms are the Drupal and WordPress content management systems. Both Read More

eNews Pulse, April 2014

WEBSITES Resources for Caregivers of Loved Ones with Rare Diseases launched at Sponsored by the Caregiver Action Network, the site is not intended for patients. New Website About Lung Cancer Screening at Spon­sored by Scottsdale (AZ) Medical Imaging, the site features an assess­ment tool to help site visitors deter­mine if a low-radiation CT Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, April 2014

Your Mental Age You have no doubt heard about apps that will reveal your “heart age” or your “real biological age,” compared with your chronological age. But if you are an active, physically fit professional, the bigger question is your mental age. With responses to six simple questions at, you will quickly have a Read More

Marshfield Clinic Spins Off Information Services Group

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

by Jane Weber Brubaker The key challenges facing healthcare systems today re­volve around the quality and effi­ciency of care delivery. How can technology optimize the time and talents of the care team in a rapidly evolving environment that focuses on care coordination? Will fee-for-service be replaced by value-based models? When? How can providers qualify for Read More

Building an Intranet Squarely Focused on Employee Engagement

by Mark S. Gothberg When you combine six organizations, you are going to have some internal com­munications issues in the best of circumstances. But the problems at The University of Arizona Health Network, formed in 2009, were enormous. Six interim CEOs headed the Tucson-based organization during a three-year period before a permanent CEO was hired Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, March 2014

Yes, You Can Repair a Cellphone I wish I had known about repair services before I replaced my daughter’s cellphone twice – once when the screen had severe cracks from the phone being dropped and stepped on, and once when the battery just quit. There are indeed companies that will repair cellphones that have screen Read More

Video Visits Between Patients and Doctors Gain Traction

by Theresa Jacobellis Personal com­puters, tablets, and smartphones bring a world of information, commerce, and communication to millions of users wherever they may be. Now, this technology is helping healthcare providers overcome the barriers of cost, distance, and inconvenience to deliver checkups and urgent care to people in their homes, places of business, and retail Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, November 2013

Help Finding Things If you lose or misplace your belongings, apps can help you find them. Place an electronic tag on your wallet, car keys, or anything else that tends to disappear regularly and you can locate it with a smartphone app. The tag sends a signal up to 150 feet. If you believe a Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, October 2013

Reference Source with a Click How often do you use Google to learn more about something in an online article, such as the location of a town, a person’s background, or the definition of a word? Rather than leave the Web page, get the browser add-on from Curiyo. Once installed on your computer, Curiyo identifies Read More

How Do I Best Create Valuable Website Content?

Ask The Expert with Ben Dillon Content manage­ment is one of the most difficult – and most over­looked – pieces of Web development. The average hos­pital website comprises more than 1,500 pages of unique content. Cre­ating and maintaining all that con­tent requires more work than most administrators can easily manage, especially if they lack full-time Read More