University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Digital Marketing Redesign Achieves Stellar Results

April 8, 2015

Penn thumbnailFew would disagree that healthcare has lagged behind other industries in adoption of digital marketing strategies and technologies. Suzanne Sawyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Penn Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, made it her mission to change that in her own organization.

“The discipline of marketing is changing and evolving,” says Sawyer. “We’ve been very slow as an industry and as a profession to adopt those kinds of changes.”

To set the stage for the organization’s deep dive into digital marketing, Sawyer completely revamped her marketing team and upgraded Penn Medicine’s technology capabilities. Starting out slowly and building speed, Penn’s marketing team has conducted 100 digital marketing campaigns to date, crossing all channels, both digital and traditional. Comparing early results to recent results shows a dramatic improvement in all metrics.

Learn how Penn Medicine’s continuous learning approach to digital marketing has produced results, the platform they use, tests they run, how they think about calls to action and content marketing, and what they looked at in their full-day keyword retreat. Click here to read our latest article, Precision Digital Marketing: Penn Medicine’s Journey of Innovation.

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