Web Takes … October 2013 Picks

October 1, 2013

In this issue we review three hospital sites:

DMC Surgery Hospital

It’s been two years since I visited this site for a suburban Detroit fa­cility. Some changes have been made – some good and some not so good, depending on your perspec­tive. Nevertheless, the site is still tremendous.

The home page features pictures of eight individuals involved in various activities – an older man holding a golf club, an adolescent standing with a soccer ball, a woman per­forming an exercise routine. In the original version of the site, the home page individuals are virtual personas who make moves typical of their sport or activity. This Adobe Flash show has now been eliminated. My guess is that this change has oc­curred because of the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, and the Web team didn’t want to have a separate site for mobile devices. Without Flash, the site loses some of its wow.

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