Wisconsin Health System Keeps Employees in Local Businesses Healthy, Builds Relationships with Current and Prospective Patients: How They Do It—and How You Can, Too

May 6, 2015

LOGO ProHealth CareProHealth Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin has been working with Aegis Health Group for 15 years. Aegis is a provider of population health and employer relationship management (ERM) solutions that help hospitals and health systems connect with employers and employees around wellness initiatives.

LOGO aegisThe rationale for ERM is twofold, explains Aegis Senior Vice President Yale Miller. “Hospitals and health systems need commercially insured patients to be sustainable,” he says. “More health systems recognize now that employers are their customers. They’re the ones ultimately underwriting the cost of healthcare, whether it’s self-funded or they’re paying for the health insurance benefit for their workforce.”

The second dynamic driving partnerships between health systems and employers is that employer healthcare costs have been escalating for the past decade at twice the rate of inflation. “Employers have traditionally struggled with how best to manage and control the cost of providing health benefits to their employees,” Miller says. Wellness programs can help stem the tide. By deploying these programs, employers are able to reduce healthcare costs and sustain a more productive workforce.

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