4 Ways Healthcare Organizations Are Using New Technologies to Deliver Personalized Service and Patient Experience

August 5, 2015

Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist at White RhinoMass General’s Healthcare Innovation Lab and White Rhino’s Addictive Health Lab explore consumer-centric apps and technologies with the goal of delivering a higher level of personalized service, satisfaction and a better overall patient experience.

// By Shawn Gross //

“As patients behave more like consumers, healthcare organizations need to deliver a higher level of personalized service, satisfaction and overall experience—or risk losing business to the competition.”—PwC

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, when so little separates one great organization from another, how can a hospital differentiate itself? For one hospital, the answer may lie with consumer-centric applications of technology. When Massachusetts General Hospital formed the Healthcare Transformation Lab, a startup group within the 200-year-old institution, the organization made technology in healthcare delivery a priority.

Earlier this year, the Healthcare Transformation Lab partnered with White Rhino’s Addictive Health Lab to explore new uses of technology, improve patient experience and outcomes, and use technology as a competitive advantage in a crowded Boston healthcare marketplace. “It’s all about putting our heads together with experts from different fields and thinking creatively about how to solve problems,” says Dr. Maulik Majmudar, Associate Director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab.

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