Brand Journalism: Best-in-Class Storytelling Builds Trust and Loyalty

January 30, 2023

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// By Wendy Margolin //

Margolin-WendyHow to win hearts and minds with stories that matter.

The internet is inundated with blogs on every medical ailment known to man. Content from medical experts matters — especially in a climate of healthcare misinformation and disinformation. It is a key component of SEO strategy.

But it may not win over hearts and minds.

Content that showcases a clinician’s passion and motivation or a patient’s lifechanging experience forges an emotional connection between your audience and your organization. These stories do more than demonstrate expertise. They turn doctors into real people whose passion is the very heart of your organization’s success. Real people put their head down and cry after delivering a devastating diagnosis. Real people celebrate milestones as much and even more than their patients.

Brand journalism is “about humanizing a company and presenting it as someone customers can trust. Also, it’s essential to tell those stories in such a compelling manner that users will feel the urge to share,” according to

Read on to learn why people prefer custom content, how brand journalism supports marketing goals, and to see examples of outstanding brand journalism from top organizations such as University of Michigan Health, Mass General, and Mayo Clinic.

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