Case Study: Successful Email Campaign Drives Engagement and Event Registrations

December 16, 2015

Trinity Health LogoIn early 2015, we spoke with Sheree Esser, Consumer Engagement Marketing Manager at Trinity Health, about a planned marketing automation pilot at Saint Alphonsus in Boise, Idaho. We recently followed up with Esser to find out the results of the pilot.

The first step was to make sure the email list was deliverable, and that consumers opted in to receive email marketing communications. “We had emails that went back as far as seven years, but we had never talked to these people,” says Esser. A permission email went out, explaining what Trinity Health had in mind, and giving recipients the opportunity to opt out. Very few did. Out of a mailing of 50,000 emails, only 300 people opted out.

In addition to the low opt-out rate, there was another happy surprise. The email included a link to a wellness page on the website, which in the month before sending the email had 68 unique visitors. During the month the permission email went out, 774 unique visitors came to the page, and while they were there, they visited other pages on the website as well. “A number of them signed up for our e-newsletter and for for classes and events—all things we hadn’t asked them to,” says Esser.

Sheree Esser

Sheree Esser, Consumer Engagement Marketing Manager at Trinity Health

Next steps involved cleaning the list, homing in on ideal target consumers, and an A/B test to determine the results of subject line personalization.

The email campaign was so successful at driving registrations to an upcoming seminar that Esser was concerned that if she sent out too much direct mail, the seminar would be overbooked. “Our original intent was to send 10,000 direct mail pieces to individuals who did not have an email or had not responded to the emails that were sent to them,” says Esser. “We ultimately cut that number in half to 5,000.”

For all the details of this highly successful email campaign, read the full article now: Trinity Health’s Marketing Automation Pilot: Email Reduces Need for Direct Mail.

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